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Xuxa Meneghel

Real name: Maria da Graça Meneghel
Birthdate: March 27, 1963
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Xuxa (pronounced shoo-shah - IPA -, born Maria da Graça Meneghel, March 27, 1963, Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) is a Brazilian Grammy Awards Winner, television actress, singer and children's television show host. Her various shows have been broadcast in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Xuxa is of German, Austrian, Italian, and Polish descent.

The movie Amor, Estranho, Amor was controversial due to Xuxa's role in a sex scene where she is naked on top of a young boy. Xuxa, until 1986, defended her participation in the movie, saying that it was essential to her career. However in 1986, after being a national hit with "xou da Xuxa", CIC Video released the movie to VHS. Xuxa changed her stance on the film, not wanting her "baixinhos" (as Xuxa called her children audience) and their parents to see her seducing a 12-year-old boy. She went to court claiming the contract has no mention of video release. According to Xuxa, Pelé made her agree to do the movie. Marlene Mattos, who was Xuxa's manager for many years, bought all rights for Xuxa's dramatic movie with her nude scene, and they are not available on video or DVD in Latin America.

In 2001 Xuxa began a new children's show, Xuxa No Mundo da Imaginação (Xuxa at the World of Imagination), a show for preschool children on weekday mornings. The show was initially successful, but following a dispute between Xuxa and her manager, Marlene Matos, ratings for the show began to decline, resulting in the show being pulled from air in 2004. Xuxa, however, being one of the most popular Brazilian TV personalities at the time, was kept on and a new show, TV Xuxa was launched, containing more educational content and cartoons, and less of Xuxa than previous shows.

Xuxa also starred in a new movie every year. Lua de Cristal (1991) had over 5 million viewers and spawned a number 1 single, "Lua de Cristal". Her second biggest box office was in 1989 with Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo Astral, which included her hit song 'Arco-Íris (Rainbow)' was a hit across Latin America that was the biggest box office success of all time in Brazil. 1989 was also the last year she starred in a movie with Os Trapalhões (O Mistério de Hobin Hood).

In 1999 Xuxa appeared in Xuxa Requebra (Xuxa in Shake It), a movie that targeted the teen demographic. It was a critical flop but a commercial success. The following year, a movie in the same style (no story line, lots of advertisements, lots of popular actors/groups/singers making cameos) was made, called Xuxa Popstar.

Her next film is named Gemeas (Twins), which will mark the first time that Xuxa will play a villain. The movie will be launched in January of 2007.

Xuxa is one of the richest Brazilian entertainers. In 1991, she was one of the 40 best-paid celebrities in the World according to Forbes. She was the only Latin American on the list. Xuxa is one of the richest women in Brazil, with a net worth of more than US$160 million.


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