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Wil Wheaton

Real name: Richard William Wheaton III
Birthdate: July 29, 1972
Status: Married
Partner: Anne Prince

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Wheaton was born in Burbank, California to Debbie O’Connor and Richard William Wheaton, Jr. Like many actors who were popular from their work in the Star Trek franchise, much of Wheaton's career has been limited to Trek-oriented appearances. During his youth, he was a prominently featured guest at Star Trek conventions and very popular in teen magazines.

After leaving Star Trek, Wheaton quit acting altogether. He moved to Topeka, Kansas to work as a programmer for Newtek, where he helped develop the Video Toaster 4000. Due to his public profile, he later served as a technology evangelist for the product.

Wheaton married Anne Prince in 1999. He lives with his wife and two step-sons in Pasadena, California.Wil Wheaton (left) meets Tim O'Reilly at the 2003 booksigning of Dancing Barefoot at Powell's in Portland, Oregon

In the spring of 2003, Wheaton founded the independent publishing company Monolith Press and released a book of his memoirs, entitled Dancing Barefoot. Monolith Press was "founded on the idea that publication should not be limited by opportunity." Most of the entries are extended versions of his online blog entries. Wheaton sold out three printings in four months, and in the winter of 2003, the book's success caught the eye of publisher Tim O'Reilly, who signed Wheaton to a three book contract. O'Reilly acquired Dancing Barefoot, and published Wheaton's extended memoirs, Just A Geek, in summer of 2004. The book's sales were apparently rather disappointing, and Wheaton has since written about his bitterness regarding how the book was marketed, believing it was pitched as a Star Trek book when he intended it as more of a personal memoir.

Wheaton had a monthly column entitled "Wil Save" in the Dungeons & Dragons-based magazine Dungeon, where he related anecdotal tales of his life in relation to the famous fantasy RPG. He ceased writing the column in May 2005.

In January 2005, Wheaton began a column about early video games called Games of Our Lives in The Onion, but has not written new material for that column since October 2006.

In April 2006, Wheaton signed on to voice the role of Kyle in the Nickelodeon cartoon, Kyle + Rosemary. The show is scheduled to debut in Fall 2007.

Though never one to shy away from politics (he describes himself as a libertarian) in September 2006 Wheaton very stringently clarified his anti-Bush beliefs in a blog posting regarding congressional debate over whether to permit torture of unlawful combatants, stating: "Shame on President Bush. Shame on his Republican allies in congress."

On August 24, 2007, Wheaton gave the keynote for the yearly Penny Arcade Expo, which was made available online on the 27th.

On September 18th, 2007, Wheaton announced via his website that he will be providing a voice for an upcoming episode of Family Guy

Numerous sources incorrectly list — or previously listed, as in the case of the Internet Movie Database — Wil Wheaton as providing "additional voices" in the Disney animated feature Brother Bear. The voice actor is "Willie Wheaton", who is not the same person as Wil Wheaton.

Wheaton is often confused with Will Wheaton Jr., a jazz musician who contributed to the film Mystery Men, among other works.


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