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Vivian Hsu

Real name: Shu Chuan Hsu
Birthdate: March 19, 1975
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Vivian Hsu (Chinese: 徐若瑄; pinyin: Xú Ruòxuān; Wade-Giles: Hsu Jo-hsüan; Japanese: ビビアン・スー Bibian Sū; born March 19, 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan) is a famous singer, actress, and model who has gained remarkable popularity in several countries of South-East Asia, mainly in Taiwan and Japan.

The second of three children, Vivian was born 徐淑娟 (pinyin: Xú Shújuān), and used this name until she began modelling career. Her parents divorced when she was a child. She attended Taipei Jianxing Elementary School and Taipei Shulinguo Junior High School.

Vivian's career in entertainment industry started after winning first place in a "Talented Beautiful Girl" contest held by Taiwan CTS TV in 1990. At that point, she was working by delivering food on her bicycle, and her customers began to recongise her from her television appearances. The same year she joined a musical duo named 少女隊 (py. Shào nǔ Dùi, en. Girls Team). They released two albums, in 1991 and 1992, then broke up. Following this, Vivian got her start in modelling.

Vivian has continued to model for designers such as Hang Ten, Gucci and Mode Marie, and has modelled in all three of her brief, autobiographical books: Earth Onigiri (2001), Privacy (2001, ISBN 4-88745-060-5), and Wo Ai Taiwan (2002). In addition, most of her musical albums contain substantial inserts featuring new modelling work.

Vivian released her first solo single in 1995. She released her first full-length album, 天使想 (pinyin: Tiānshǐ Xiǎng; Japanese: Tenshi Sou; literally: "Angel Dreaming") in 1996. Shortly thereafter, she took a speed course in Korean, and released a Korean version of the album titled 天使美少女 (pinyin: Tiānshǐ Měishàonǔ; Japanese: Tenshi Bishoujo; Korean: 천사 미소녀; literally: "pretty angel girl"). Unusually, neither of Vivian's first two albums was sung in her native language.

Vivian's music, especially in her later work, covers a great range of genres. Included are slow love songs, R&B, hard rock, and of course J-pop. She has even dabbled in rap. This, combined with the fact that she is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese makes her a very versatile artist.

She also has some experience as a seiyu (voice actress), having voiced Aisha in Gundam SEED for three episodes, as well as Princess Morebucks in the Taiwanese The Powerpuff Girls. Perhaps her most recongisable role to Westerners was opposite Jackie Chan in The Accidental Spy.

She played the role of Chao Jia Le in Love Storm (2003), alongside Vic Chou and Ken Chu. She also composed and sang the opening theme for this series, 決定愛你 (py. Juédìng Ài Nǐ, en. Decide to Love You), which was released as a single in 2003.

As with many actors and actresses, she appears from time to time in commercials and as spokesperson for various causes. A complete list of these uncreditable roles (through 2002) can be found at this career timeline.


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