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Veruca Salt

Real name: Louise Post, Stephen Fitzpatrick, James Madla
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Veruca Salt is a character from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, written by Roald Dahl. She appears in the two film adaptations, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). In the 1971 adaptation, she is portrayed by Julie Dawn Cole; in the 2005 adaptation, she is portrayed by Julia Winter. Veruca is the only child of the wealthy couple, Henry/Rupert Salt and Angina Salt (a geography teacher in the revised book only, and named Henrietta in the 1971 film), and is a terribly spoiled brat. Veruca is the second child to find a ticket, and the third to misbehave and get thrown out of the tour.

In the 1971 film adaptation, Veruca has slightly curly brown hair, which comes down to her shoulders. She wears a red dress with black buttons and a white collar folded outward; light-colored tights; and black heeled shoes. Played by 13-year-old Julie Dawn Cole (Veruca's now-famous song "I Want it Now" was actually filmed on Julie Dawn Cole's 13th birthday, and the room-wrecking took a total of 36 takes to film), she looks much older than she does in the book and other film and is starting to develop a womanly figure. She wanted to be the first ticket holder, as well as the first to enter the factory. Before entering the factory, Veruca wears a mink coat and a mink hat; she also says she has three other mink coats at her home in England. Veruca's mink coat in the 1971 film was made of real mink fur. The mink coat that she wore in the 2005 film was made of fake fur.

Because Veruca is much more aggressive, greedy, and overall rotten in the 1971 adaption than she is in either of her other incarnations, many see her as Charlie's primary rival for the prize, or rather the film's true "villain." She is the antithesis of every aspect of Charlie's personality: where he is kind, she is mean; where he is grateful due to his extreme poverty, she's spoiled rotten due to her wealth; while Charlie remains calm throughout all of his troubles, Veruca is a whirling vortex of emotion and anger. Indeed, Veruca on many occasions is shown to be downright callous to the other children and those around her.

In the 2005 film, however, her temper tantrums are significantly toned down, and instead her position of primary rival is transferred over to Mike Teavee, who in the new adaption is a violence-obsessed boy genius with lack of control over anger.

In the book and 2005 film, Veruca's comeupance takes place in Wonka's nut-sorting room. After being denied a squirrel by Willy Wonka and her dad (her mum in the novel), Veruca brazenly attempts to take a squirrel for herself, only to be grabbed and knocked down by the creatures. The squirrels drag her across the ground, deem her a bad nut, and throw her into the garbage chute, with her parents quickly suffering the same fate afterwards. Her fate is similar in the 2005 film, though her mother isn't present (although the Oompa-Loompas throw a painting of Mrs. Salt down the garbage chute to emphasize that she, along with her husband, spoiled Veruca rotten). In the film, Wonka says that the furnace is only lit on Tuesday. Mike Teavee then reminds him that the day of the factory tour is Tuesday. Fortunately, after Veruca's father falls down the chute, an Oompa Loompa tells Wonka that the incinerator is broken and there is three weeks' worth of rotten garbage to break the fall of Veruca and her father.


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