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Veronica Hamel

Real name: Veronica Hamel
Birthdate: November 20, 1943
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Veronica Hamel (born November 20, 1943, in Philadelphia) is an American actress. She graduated from Temple University, and started her career as a fashion model after being discovered by Eileen Ford. Her first role was playing a model in 1971's Klute. Another notable early role was as Suzanne in Beyond the Poseidon Adventure and the model in the last cigarette commercial televised in the US (for Virginia Slims, aired at 11:59pm on New Year's Day 1971 on The Tonight Show). Hamel had been a model in print ads not just for Slims, but also for Pall Mall Gold cigarettes.

She started appearing in TV series in 1975; at one point she was considered for one of the lead roles on "Charlie's Angels," but declined the role. Producer Aaron Spelling cast Jaclyn Smith instead.

Hamel is probably best remembered for playing Joyce Davenport, the hard-driving public defender and love interest of captain Frank Furillo, in the long-running TV series Hill Street Blues. She was named on Us magazine's "Best Dressed" list for 1983.

Years after Marilyn Monroe's death, Hamel bought and lived in Monroe's Brentwood, Los Angeles, California home.


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