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Rosanna Arquette

Real name: Rosanna Lauren Arquette
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single


- John Sidel(December 1993 - 1999) (divorced) 1 child
- James Newton Howard(13 September 1986 - 1987) (divorced)
- Anthony Greco(17 July 1979 - October 1980) (divorced)Parents

In Hollywood, she had her first roles playing teens with troubles. A few years later she started to act in mature roles. Besides cinema movies, Arquette appeared from the beginning of her career in television films. In 1982, she earned an Emmy Award nomination for the TV film The Executioner's Song. Thereafter, she played in many cinema movies and TV films and has worked with many of the most acclaimed film directors of the last twenty years. Arquette's first starring role was in John Sayles's Baby It's You (film), a highly regarded but little seen film. She carried Desperately Seeking Susan but was eclipsed by her pop singer co-star Madonna. After Hours also played to her comedic talents but failed to find an audience while 8 Million Ways to Die was buried by the studio and for a time she quit Hollywood to work in Europe.

Known for most of her career as an actress, in recent years, Arquette has also been expanding into film direction. Recent films which she has directed include the documentaries Searching for Debra Winger (2002) and All We Are Saying (2005); she served for both projects in the role of producer, as well as director.

Arquette was married when she was 19 to director/composer Tony Greco; they divorced in October 1980. (Some sources suggest that she might have been briefly married to an unknown individual once before, as well.) Her 1986 marriage to composer James Newton Howard ended in divorce as well. The reconciliation with an old love of Arquette's, English pop and rock star Peter Gabriel, proved also to be impossible. More recently, Arquette has focused her energies on spending time with her daughter and promoting awareness of breast cancer, while continuing with her work, now also as a director. In 2002 her critically acclaimed documentary Searching For Debra Winger was released. In the film, Arquette interviews prominent and respected actresses (mostly between the ages of 30 and 60) in an attempt to find out whether it was practical for a working actress to successfully maintain a family.

Arquette married restaurateur Jon Sidel in 1993. One year later their daughter, Zoe Blue Sidel, was born. Arquette went on working intensively, which meant she was often away from home. The tensions this created, as well as the death of her mother from breast cancer, led the couple to divorce.

"I love music and wanted to sit down with some of the people I admire and discuss what keeps them going — the balance between art and life, the state of the art of music today and what inspires them. Most true artists care about music as a pure, passionate art form, but can get caught in the trap of the business which, sadly, has now become more important than the artist or even the music itself".


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