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Real name: Nicci
Birthdate: 1977
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Rollergirl (born 19 November, 1975), real name Nicole Saft (Saft translates into English as 'Juice') is a German singer with a number of successful tracks such as "Dear Jessie" (a Madonna song) and "Luv U More," the latter being a cover of a song by Sunscreem.

The love for rollerskates developed early when working at a rollerskating rink. Nicole was discovered by German producer Alex Christensen on the Spanish island of Mallorca and signed up for auditions. In 1999, Alex produced the song "Dear Jessie" for Rollergirl, which was successful as the opening song at a techno-parade in the United Kingdom, where Nicole continued to work using the stage name "Nicci Juice." The pseudonym "Rollergirl" was taken from Heather Graham's role as as naive young porn starlet in the movie Boogie Nights.

"Geisha Dreams" (2002) was Rollergirl's last release before Nicole focussed on her private life around Alex Christensen and their child.

Nicole Saft has also appeared with Daniel Hartwig as co-presenter of the German television channel RTL 2's The Dome and Megaman 2002.Music sample:


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