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Rachel Stevens

Real name: Rachel Lauren Stevens
Birthdate: April 9, 1978
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Rachel Lauren Stevens (born April 9, 1978) is an English singer and actress and an occasional model who lives in Hampstead, London. Formerly with the successful pop group S Club (7), she launched a solo recording career and has released seven singles and two albums to date in the UK.

The group was disbanded in 2003 for reasons undisclosed. Stevens became the first member of the band to sign a multi-million dollar recording contract and released her first solo single, "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex", in late 2003, reaching number two on the UK singles chart. Her first album reached number nine on the UK albums chart and quickly disappeared.

In Southgate, London, England, Rachel Lauren Stevens was born on April 9, 1978 of Jewish heritage, to parents Linda and Michael Stevens. She has two brothers, Jason and Lee Stevens. She attended Ashmole School in Southgate, London.

The group was able to release a successful film in 2003 called S Club Seeing Double but after a UK tour, the members of S Club commenced to break up.

That December, the album's title track, "Funky Dory" was released as the second single. The song was hailed as being sophisticated and sexy, like its predecessor, and featured a sample of the David Bowie song "Andy Warhol" from his album Hunky Dory.

Due to the success of "Some Girls", Funky Dory was re-released to include "Some Girls" and another new track, a cover of Andrea True Connection's "More More More". At this point, Rachel stepped up promotion, inadvertently earning herself a Guinness World Record for “Most Public Appearances by a Pop Star in 24 Hours in Different Cities” (Seven on September 8-September 9, 2004).

She sang on the Band Aid 20 single despite not being invited having turned up to the recording with Will Young who was.

Due to the low charting of the album and its singles no further singles were released, although multiple rumours stated that "Nothing Good About This Goodbye" and the Richard X produced "Crazy Boys" were going to be released as singles. In early January 2006, rumours surfaced that Stevens was to be dropped from Polydor Records. However, a statement was released by the Polydor executives stating that she is still with Polydor.

While Rachel was a member of S Club 7, she appeared in all S Club 7 associated series such as Miami 7, LA 7, Hollywood 7 and Viva S Club and also the S Club 7 feature film, entitled Seeing Double.

Rachel also appeared in a movie entitled Suzie Gold and also appeared in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.

Stevens spent the first few months of 2006 in Los Angeles in preparation of launching an acting career, and has spent much of her time there ever since. According to Stevens, she is working with the William Morris Agency, one of the largest acting agencies in the world and she has been seen visiting the same acting class that Brad Pitt used to attend. Rumours suggest that Stevens was offered the role of a receptionist in the Steve Miner directed remake of George A. Romero's "Day of the Dead," which is to be released in September 2007 in the U.S; and the script for a role in a new American horror film directed by Alexandre Aja called "Devil's Road."

FHM Rank history
- 2000: #18
- 2001: #2
- 2002: #2
- 2003: #4
- 2004: #2
- 2005: #13
- 2006: #14
- 2007: #15


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