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Olivia Newton-John

Real name: Olivia Newton-John
Birthdate: September 26, 1948
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Olivia Newton-John AO OBE (born 26 September 1948) is a Grammy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated English-born Australian pop singer, songwriter and actress. Her highly acclaimed vocal, musical, and acting talents have made her a globally recognized name. She is also a small business entrepreneur, as well as an avid activist in both environmental issues and breast cancer awareness.

Newton-John was recruited for the group, "Toomorrow"—the brainchild of American producer Don Kirshner, creator of The Monkees. The group recorded an album and starred in a "science fiction musical" both named after the group released in 1970. The project failed and the group was quickly disbanded.

Newton-John's singles continued to easily top the AC chart where she ultimately amassed ten No. 1 singles including seven consecutively - from 1974's I Honestly Love You through 1976's Don't Stop Believin'. She also continued to reach the Country Top 10 where she tallied seven Top 10 hits through 1976's Come On Over (No. 23 Pop, No. 5 Country, No. 1 AC). By mid-1977, Olivia's AC and country success also began to wane. Her Making A Good Thing Better album (No. 34 Pop, No. 13 Country) failed to be certified gold and its only single, the title track, did not even reach the AC Top 10. Although the release that same year of Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits became her first platinum album, Newton-John's career was poised to head in new directions.

After a three year hiatus to raise Chloe, Newton-John returned with 1988's The Rumour. The album was promoted by an HBO special, Olivia Down Under, and its first single, the title track, was written and produced by Elton John. Both the single (No. 62 Pop, No. 33 AC) and album (No. 67 Pop) fizzled as the nearly 40 year-old Newton-John seemed "old" when compared to the teen queens Debbie Gibson and Tiffany ruling the charts at that time. The second single, Can't We Talk It Over In Bed, did not chart. (The song was remade the following year by Grayson Hugh as Talk It Over becoming his only Top 20 hit.) A year later, Newton-John recorded her "self-indulgent" album, Warm and Tender (Olivia Newton-John album), featuring lullabies and love songs for parents and their children. This album also did not revive her recording career struggling to only No. 124 Pop.

Newton-John was primed for another comeback in 1992 when she compiled her third hits collection, Back To Basics - The Essential Collection, and planned her first tour since her Physical trek ten years earlier. Shortly after the album's release, Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer forcing her to cancel all publicity for the album including the tour. Newton-John received her diagnosis on the same day her father passed away. Newton-John recovered and has since become a tireless advocate of breast cancer awareness. She has been a product spokesperson for the Liv-Kit, a breast self-examination product. She is currently raising funds to build the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia.


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