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Ian Van Dahl

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Status: Single

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The band's members are singer/songwriter Annemie Coenen, Peter Luts and David Vervoort, with producers Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen. Luts and Vervoort have also worked with the trance group Lasgo. Coenen said in an interview with Mixmag that their name is the Belgian equivalent of Joe Bloggs. Ian van Dahl is best known for the 2001 summer hit "Castles in the Sky", which charted highly across Europe. The song was originally sung by Marsha.

Ian Van Dahl scored international hits and hits in the Americas with "Will I?", "Try", "Reason", "Believe", "Where Are You Now?", "I Can't Let You Go", "Secret Love", and "Inspiration". Ian Van Dahl's second album, Lost & Found featured songs with deeper meanings. The album proved that dance heavy music can be serious and thought provoking. "Where Are You Now?" and "Inspiration", the two American single releases, became massive Hot Dance Airplay, Hot Dance Club Play and Hot Dance Singles Sales hits. Ian Van Dahl's American fanbase expanded because of the people who could relate to the stories the songs on the album told.

Their most recent singles are "Movin' On", which was released in December 2005, and "Just a Girl", which was released in July 2006.

In early July 2007, it was announced that Ian Van Dahl's third album is completed, but instead will be released as Coenen's solo debut album produced by Peter Luts.

Nothing to the degree of a break-up has yet been specified, but many fans believe that the group has disbanded in the case of Coenen pursuing a solo career.

"Castles in the Sky"
- United Kingdom: #3
- Ireland: #13
- Canada: #17
- Denmark: #18
- Belgium: #35
- Germany: #43
- Netherlands: #43
- Sweden: #51
- Australia: #57
- Switzerland: #90
- U.S.: #91 Billboard Hot 100

"Will I?"
- United Kingdom: #5
- Denmark: #10
- Ireland: #12
- Belgium: #14
- Finland: #17
- Sweden: #47
- Germany: #48
- Netherlands: #51
- Austria: #54
- Australia: #70
- U.S.: #18 Hot Dance Music/Club Play

- United Kingdom: #8
- Spain: #14
- Denmark: #17
- Ireland: #18
- Australia: #29
- Belgium: #31
- Germany: #51
- Netherlands: #75
- U.S.: #6 Hot Dance Singles Sales


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