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Gretchen Mol

Real name: Gretchen Mol
Birthdate: November 8, 1972
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Mol was born in Deep River, Connecticut where her mother, Janet, is an artist and teacher and her father is a school principal. She went to high school with Broadway actor Peter Lockyer. They performed in school musicals and plays together. Her brother, Jim Mol, also works in the film industry. Mol attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and graduated from the William Esper Studio. After summer stock in Vermont, she took a job for a while as an usher at Angelika Film Center. She was living in a Hell's Kitchen walk-up when she was noticed by a talent agent who spotted her working as a hat check girl at Michael's Restaurant in New York. Mol's first acting job was in a Coca-Cola commercial.

While her major roles have been sporadic, Mol has appeared in more than thirty feature films. And though the films have often been small, she has worked for a number of important directors. Her first role was in Spike Lee's 1996 film, Girl 6. She said of this role, "I was auditioning for Guiding Light and I was happy I got a Spike Lee movie, which was a tiny part, but all of a sudden I had Spike Lee on my resume. I didn't audition for day player anymore."

New York filmmaker Abel Ferrara then took notice of her and she appeared in two of his movies, The Funeral (1996) and New Rose Hotel (1998). She had a small role as a girlfriend in Donnie Brasco which appeared in 1998. By now, however, she was being typecast as "the girlfriend," which she attempted to challenge by her role opposite Jude Law in Music From Another Room (1998), a romantic comedy. Unfortunately for her, no one noticed the film.

For her second film with Woody Allen, the 1999 film, Sweet and Lowdown, she played a minor supporting role, which the Greenwich Village Gazette called "notable". She played the victim of a con in the 2003 film, Heavy Put-Away based on the Terry Southern story. In 2003 she shared the lead in a romantic comedy, Puccini for Beginners, in which her character has a lesbian affair. She worked with Mary Harron for two years as the director struggled to finance The Notorious Bette Page: "I kind of felt like I lived with it for a while; certainly not as long as Mary Harron did but I got a good chance to really feel like I knew something about Bettie so by the time the role was mine and I was on set I was pretty confident. I felt like I really worked for it."

2007 has been one of her busiest years in nearly a decade, with four films in production or in release. Notable films include "Boy of Pigs" in which her character, Catherine Caswell, has an affair with John F. Kennedy; and a remake of 3:10 to Yuma, starring Russell Crowe, due for release in September.

Interviewed by the Associated Press in Baltimore in December 2006, Mol commented about how she maintained her confidence as an actor: "It is an ongoing struggle. Confidence is something that sometimes you have and sometimes you don't. And the older you get, hopefully, the more you have some tools to at least fake it". After a tumultuous three-year courtship, she was married to film director Kip Williams on June 1, 2004. Their first child, a boy, was born on mid September 2007.


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