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Gloria Trevi

Real name: Gloria de los ┴ngeles Trevi˝o Ruiz
Birthdate: February 15, 1970
Status: Single

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Gloria Trevi (born Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz on February 15, 1968 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico) is an iconic Mexican pop-rock singer, songwriter, cartoonist, actress, pinup-model, forward/fashion designer, writer and painter.

Although her lyrics bore heavy sexual references: direct or indirect, she also aimed at exposing hypocrites, addressing the upper class, hunger, prostitution, religion, war deaths, issues few wanted to confront in Mexico at that time. Thus Gloria made powerful enemies, including the Mexican government. Gloria Trevi also became known as a challenger to the machismo ideas of many of Mexico's men, breaking social standards and taking a feminist stand point on many of her songs, while exploring sexuality in a way no other female Mexican entertainers had attempt. To taunt social conservatives, Gloria Trevi engaged in antics such as stripping male members of her audience. Despite the way she portrayed herself on stage, she was very popular among Mexican and Latin American children. It was common for young girls and teenage females to imitate Gloria's concert attire.
- "A Gatas", an attack to those who suck up to the wealthy. In the song she says she would "prefer to walk like a cat on all fours than be like the upper class", and knocks those trying to keep in fashion by saying, Prefiero ser naca que ser una tarada. She goes on to trash those who suck up to people with fancy last names (the rich) commenting they are involved in drug trafficking.
- "Qu├ę Bueno Que no fui Lady Di", she would rather be a "regular person" than to be Royalty since she would not be a good example. Gloria also states that she has her own opinions and she would never let anybody tell her what to say or feel. Therefore Trevi is unwilling to compromise herself for the Royal Family.
- Gloria plays a mock court trial for those who truly in love, but who were indecent in "El Juicio", as if love were a crime..

In other songs, she talks of children screaming in shops that they are penniless, or screaming out the window how lonely she is, or that her blood boils every time she meets a man chosen for her against her will, or entering the church, on her knees and (again, screaming) refusing to repent for her sins, or screaming to the psychiatrist ("Dr. Psiquiatra") that she is not insane but quite desperate to live her own life.

Trevi, however, also showed herself to the public as a girl who could break down and cry at any minute and about anything. Many times during television interviews, she would end up crying when hosts and interviewers mentioned her childhood.

Gloria Trevi also released a calendar, which was considered by fans and critics to be very suggestive and sexually oriented. After the initial success of the first one, Gloria released several calendars in the following years.

On February 24, 2004, Trevi was expecting to be set free by Mexico's justice system, but was denied freedom at the time. After she learned that she would not be allowed to go free, she began a hunger strike.

On September 21, 2004, Trevi was acquitted and set free by the court citing lack of evidence. She spent 4 years, 8 months, 8 days incarcerated in Brazil and Mexico.


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