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Georgina Walker

Real name: Georgina Walker
Birthdate: 1984
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Georgina Walker was studying for four A-Levels, however later decided to drop out and pursue ambitions of stardom. She was taken on as a model by top London agency Nevs, and one of her first jobs was as a giant cereal box handing out packets of cereal at the Ideal Home Exhibition.

After less than a month into her modelling career her agents put her up for the part in a new soap after another girl had dropped out and, despite having no acting experience, at the age of 16 she landed her most well known role, teenage 'sexpot' Jane Harper in the ITV soap Night and Day.

However, her first appearance on television was in a Wall's Cornetto Whippy advertisement that she had filmed in South Africa in 2000.

After only a few months into the role she was nominated for several awards at the British Soap Awards, including Best Newcomer and Sexiest Female, and later attended the British Comedy Awards.

Night and Day wasn't recommissioned by ITV at the end of its run in the summer of 2002, despite gaining a cult following. However it wasn't long before Georgina was to appear on TV again. This time she played American teenager Rio Brooke in early evening soap Crossroads. This role necessitated in her having to take voice coaching lessons to perfect her American accent.

Both Night and Day and Crossroads finished their screen runs around the same time in 2003. She reappeared on TV in a one off appearance on Channel 4 daytime drama The Courtroom in 2004.

Georgina subsequently had another major role in Hollyoaks: In the City as Polly, one of the main models of seedy modelling agency, Gloss. Throughout the series, she played a major part in all the main storylines.


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