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Thread: John Goodman 400lbs!

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    He has always creeped me out. I don't know why.

    P.S. Cynic, do eye bags signal heart diesease? "Cause I got eye luggage.

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    ^^nah, most of the time they are hereditary, but most of the 50ish guys I know who have coronary heart disease get them in a big way (coronary heart disease causes your blood to pool in various places since your circulation is so crappy).......usually your ankles swell up hugely, too..... old g/f used cold teabags to shrink hers.....I never could tell that she had bags under her eyes, so it was hard for me to tell if it worked.......women.....

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    you already know.


    if you have white bumps around your undereye its likely high choloestoral

    i love how my john goodman is 400,000 lbs. and smoking and an ugly mess avatar so rightly reflects my current mood lately.

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    When i saw the title my first thought was 'Let me know when he's actually slim!'

    He's been huge forever. I think he's a good actor though.

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    Kevin Smith is much worse. He was on Ferguson several weeks ago, could not fit in the chair, and was sweating profusely.

    The double standard pisses me off. If a chick that fat sat in front of Ferguson, he would have barfed. Instead, when Smith acknowledged his extreme fatness, Ferguson waved him away, as if to say "Oh, it's not that bad!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynic View Post a gun, John, it's faster.....and less painful.....
    I'm sad that I agree with this statement. A slow death is horrific. He's slowly killing himself...

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    He's a pretty cool dude. Met him once in N.O. He's laid back but man he can drink.
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    I hope he loses the weight so he can have a long life and keep doing what he does best~~keeping so many of us entertained for several years to come. Please, PLEASE don't take the same path that John Candy took. Hollywood has never been the same without him.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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