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Thread: I'm in no rush to lose my baby weight, says Jennifer Lopez

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaPeach View Post
    I wonder how much People paid her for the baby pictures?
    Rumour has it $6m

    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    Oh I'm in no rush to lose weight. I'm waiting 4-5 whole months after growing and birthing two human beings to do that triathalon instead of my original plan to do it 6 weeks out.

    It's a good pre-emptive statement for her to make in case she really does have a harder time getting all the weight off or getting it off as quick as she hopes. And if she does pull it off then it'll be like it was a bigger accomplishment for which people can admire her discipline that much more.

    You can't tell me this broad didn't focus on her body right down to every pound of weight and every bite of food the entire time of pregnancy and even more so once she got the babies out and was able to start banging away at the workouts aggressively. Since she apparently didn't have a C, I bet she was at least doing low impact and crunches mere days after the blessed event.

    Not that there's a damned thing wrong about wanting to get back into shape and starting as soon as you feel able. Just don't front, chica. We know better.
    ITA on the obsessing on food/lbs/etc but I didn't know that she pushed! I presumed that she'd have a c-section. Wow! That's impressed me?
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    She must've been reading all the hate here for stupid celebs and their insane crash diets after losing weight so they can flaunt how in shape they are!

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    What a lying sack of shit...

    She's ALREADY lost most of the baby weight!

    There is a video of her on contemplating her 'air' diet.

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