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Hmmm, two hours a day...

In my last job I had to leave the house at 7.20am at the very latest. I got home again usually around 6.40pm. By the time I had fed the cats, fed me, managed to get a little housework done (so it wasn't waiting en masse to destroy my weekend) and had some time to clean myself up I'd be damned if I would want to or have the time to spend two hours on a work out! And that was without kids to take care of as well.

STFU, Paltrow!

Word. It must be nice not having to "work" so you can spend more time with the kids. Sheesh, must be absolutely heart breaking not being able to make movies. How will she ever made ends meet.

By the way, why is she working out for 2 hours a day? Is she trying to build muscle? Or lose weight, whatever she has left? Ridiculous!