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Thread: Bond girl Gemma Arterton puts her shapely figure on show in a string bikini

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    Quote Originally Posted by 00Kimmi00 View Post
    I say she's a real woman because she has a reasonable and natural amount of body fat, as apposed to having the unatural and sickly look of a malnourished greyhound.
    Women are predisposed to carry a healthy amount of fat, regardless of their bodyshape...which I said nothing about....what's the problem with my comment?
    There is a happy medium. She has a great body now, but she also had a great body before when she was thinner. I was just questioning if you would have considered her a real woman prior to gaining weight or if its just because she relaxed her workouts.

    Basically my problem was with the term "real woman", its nothing personal against you. Sorry if it came across as agressive, the rolling eyes were a bit harsh
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    No harm done.

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    Apart from the unflattering bikini, she looks great

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