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Thread: Michael Ball won't need a fat suit anymore

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    Default Michael Ball won't need a fat suit anymore

    Michael Ball's last two stage roles have called for him to be a master of disguise – and don a fat suit.

    But now the singer and performer appears to have piled on the pounds, and is clearly no longer in need of the extra fake padding.

    Seen at the South Bank Awards last night, a jowly Ball, 45, currently one of the West End's highest-paid stars, appears to have gained a considerable amount of weight, especially in his very round face.

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    Battle of the bulge: Michael Ball (pictured yesterday at the South Bank Awards in London) has piled on the pounds since his heyday in 1994 (right)

    Michael wore facial prosthetics for his role as in the play 'The Woman in White', but his cherubic face has expanded so much, it looks as if he could now play the same role, but without the bulk-adding fake parts.
    Maybe the popular singer has been indulging in one two many decadent post-performance dinners, following his stint treading the boards as Edna Turnblad in the musical "Hairspray" in London's West End
    This could could explain the noticeable expansion in his girth.

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    Now and then: Ball (pictured yesterday, right) wore a fat suit as Count Lupo (left) in The Woman in White in 2005

    Interestingly, when the show started, fans complained that the star kept failing to appear.

    Ball, disappeared for the entire show into the persona of the enormously overweight, agoraphobic, middle-aged, American "trailer trash" mother Edna.

    But he had not missed any performances - it's just that his costume was so good the audiences failed to recognise him.
    The show's manager Rebecca Quigley said: "Michael thinks that all men want to dress up as a woman once in their lives. "He says that this is his moment at last – and he's loving it. He has confused a lot of people."

    Why Michael Ball won't need a fat suit anymore | the Daily Mail

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    Lay off the fast food bro

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