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Thread: Buy ‘The Heidi Montag Workout’ for 20 bucks

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    Default Buy ‘The Heidi Montag Workout’ for 20 bucks

    Heidi Montag squeezes her butt as hard as possible while showing off one of her many exercises from The Heidi Montag Workout, on sale for $19.95. The 22-year-old Mrs. Spencer Pratt opened up to Self Magazine about it:
    On getting more plastic surgery: “The fun thing about surgery is that they always have new things and you can always try things. I’m not sure what’s on that list right now, but I’m sure as I get older, I’ll want to keep up with maintenance as most Hollywood does.”
    On performing on Miss Universe: “It’s my first performance ever, so I’ve very excited. It’s live. And it’s the biggest televised event in the history of T.V. It’s the biggest televised event in the history of TV. It’s bigger than the Super Bowl, it’s bigger than the World Cup, it’s over a billion eyes. I’m performing my single ‘Body Language’ so I’ve definitely gotten in great shape for that.”
    On The Hills: “This is going to be the best season ever. Kristin Cavallari and the drama she is bringing––the hurricane is going to be incredible. I think there’s going to be a whole new audience. With Lauren [Conrad] on it, she didn’t really put a lot of her personal life on the show. Kristin comes in full throttle and that’s what people want to see, that’s what the audience wants to connect to, every part of your life. God willing, I don’t see the show going anywhere but up from here.”
    On Speidi: “You definitely see how our life has changed now that we’re married. I want to have kids eventually or soon, and Spencer’s not too into that, so we’ll discuss all that and we adjust to our single friends and how they react to our marriage. It’s more of Newlyweds between us. It’s very interesting. I love my husband so much and I love that people feel like they’re part of us and part of our relationship.”
    On her workout program: “The e-book is a healthy lifestyle to adapt and adjust your body to every day. You can download exercises, a plan to break-down what you should do each day, a whole health plan–it’s really a lifestyle of fitness.”
    You can download Heidi’s workout program in PDF format at!

    Just Jared

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    I'd rather buy 20 dollars worth of lard.
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    I would spend more than $20 to not look like Heidi.
    Enjoy the liquor and delicatessen.

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    ^^ True.
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    Heidi Montag squeezes her butt as hard as possible...
    Oh I was wondering who produced this shit nugget of a workout video.

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    Amazing really how these celebs and pseudo celebs seem to have so many cash making ventures out there. Losing weight? Be profiled on magazines and make money hawking your workout system. Broke or has been? Pose naked for Playboy. Etc. Etc.

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    Does she quote the bible while squeezing her butt?
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