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Thread: Jennifer Love Hewitt is proud of her figure again

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    Default Jennifer Love Hewitt is proud of her figure again

    I like JLH, but she's quickly turning fame-whoreish. Last time I checked, cork wedges and a bikini weren't the last word in tennis attire.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Back in a Bikini
    Monday August 3, 2009

    August 1, 2009

    Two years after photos surfaced of her looking fuller-figured in a bikini, Jennifer Love Hewitt is showing off her bod again.

    The actress, 30, was photographed Saturday vacationing with boyfriend Jamie Kennedy in Hawaii. She also was spotted shooting hoops in her bikini and later relaxing on the beach.

    Hewitt has come a long way since the flap over her weight. Last year, she posed on the cover of Us Weekly to reveal how she shed 18 pounds after just two weeks.

    She said the hoopla over her body made her feel "a little embarrassed. It made me a little sad. It hurt my feelings."

    Earlier this year, she rose to Jessica Simpson's defense after bloggers bashed her for her new curves.

    "It gets silly," Hewitt told Us. "We're all supposed to look how we're supposed to look. We're made to be different people.

    "Not everybody can be super tall and super skinny," she added. "You have to look inside yourself and find your own confidence. It wavers from day to day, but that's human nature."
    News - Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Back in a Bikini |

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    Who the fuck plays tennis in a bikini and wedges?

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    lmfao, yeah i play Tennis all the time in my bikini and high heels. and she needs to string up those tits.
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    She's lost weight but her body is still nothing to write home about.
    She looks like a retarded bitch in her bikini and heels who is really full of herself.

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    i play baseball in my stilettos.
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