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Thread: Davina McCall, 41, shows the amazing results of her Super Body Workout in St Tropez

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    Default Davina McCall, 41, shows the amazing results of her Super Body Workout in St Tropez

    Davina McCall, 41, shows the amazing results of her Super Body Workout in St Tropez

    By Lizzie Smith
    Last updated at 9:33 AM on 17th July 2009
    Davina McCall claims she never diets, instead keeping her body in shape with intensive exercise.
    But whatever her method, it certainly seemed to be working as the Big Brother presenter unveiled her bikini body on the shores of St Tropez last week.
    At 41, and after three children, Davina's sculpted curves were enviably toned in a flattering halterneck red and white bikini.

    Looking good: Davina McCall shows off her enviable figure in a red and white bikini on the beach in St Tropez

    Big Mother: Mum-of-three Davina lost her baby weight through exercise

    Davina certainly seemed to have bags of energy, jumping in and out of the waves with Holly, seven, Tilly, five, and Chester, two.
    She even high-fived a friend as her children played nearby.
    Her husband Matthew Robertson, 38, former presenter of Pet Rescue, was also on the sunshine break.

    Having put on and lost four stone with each of her pregnancies, Davina is a great advert for her latest DVD, Davina: Super Body Workout.

    I'm looking good! Big Brother presenter Davina McCall high-fives her friend

    She has gone through many changes, physically, since hosting the Big Brother launch in 2000 but she told Heat magazine: 'I never diet. Not any more.'
    'I used to. I did the Atkins and I had the bad breath and the tiredness and the feeling cranky.

    'And the immediate weight gain as soon as you stop. So I know all those diets don't work for me. I just eat what I want.'

    She added: 'I love carbs! Honestly. Roast potatoes... mmm'.

    Covering up: Davina adjusts her costume

    She told The Mirror: 'I get fat when Iím pregnant. I just become mammoth. I eat a lot of food and retain water. I look at my feet when Iím pregnant and think: "Jesus! Where are the bones?" They are great huffing, trotters! With Chester, I had to buy a bigger size shoe.'
    The presenter also ensures that her family don't miss out on sweet treats, despite her healthy lifestyle.
    'We have a special Sunday sweets day at home when, for one day each week, the whole family can have as many sweets as we want,' she said.

    In shape: Davina shows off her enviable figure

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    Her bathing suit bottom must be bugging her 'cuz she's tugging on it a fair bit. I think she looks terrific especially after having three children.
    Rock the fuck on!

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    I can't figure out what that tattoo is on her hip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    I can't figure out what that tattoo is on her hip.
    Actress, TV presenter has a flower on her left wrist, a large horned devil tattoo below bikini line just over pubic mound, sci-fi creature on her butt

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    That is considered "toned?"

    Looks about as lumpy and soft as me.

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    Looks like a normal 41 year old lady...she looks like she takes care of herself but by no means does she have an "AMAZING" body
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    I don't think Brits go for the real muscley look like American celebs seem to, you guys seem more into how you look, and I'm not criticizing

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