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Thread: Screw the health kick - Kerry Katona smokes as she begins 'intensive' regime

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    Default Screw the health kick - Kerry Katona smokes as she begins 'intensive' regime

    What happened to the health kick? Kerry Katona smokes as she begins 'intensive' regime

    By Lizzie Smith
    Last updated at 2:18 PM on 05th July 2009
    source: What happened to the health kick? Kerry Katona smokes as she begins 'intensive' regime | Mail Online

    She's got the expensive trainers, flashy mountain bike and water bottle, but it seems Kerry Katona's new health regime is lacking in one important aspect - her stamina.
    The reality TV star climbed onto a mountain bike yesterday, but it wasn't long before she was sitting down for a rest with a cigarette hanging out her mouth.
    After returning from a 'final blowout' holiday - in which bloated Kerry was pictured tucking into fried chicken and knocking back alcoholic drinks - she was expected to embark on an intensive exercise regime. But if this is it then the 28-year-old has a long way to go.

    How's the health kick going? Kerry Katona hops off her bike for a cigarette as she returns to her fitness regime

    On her bike: Kerry and husband Mark Croft go for a ride

    Perhaps her resolve to get fit wasn't helped by her personal trainer - husband Mark Croft.
    After showing Kerry how to work the gears the former cabbie accompanied her as she took the bike for a short ride. She then stopped and joined him for a kiss and cuddle.


    The day before Kerry was pictured visiting her life coach. She made a trip to see Nik and Eva Speakman for a therapy session at their home in Littleborough Lancashire.

    The pair's unique methods involved putting Kerry in the Delorean car from Back To The Future as she visualised her future self.

    Back To The Future: Kerry visits life coaches Nik and Eva Speakman for a therapy session at their home in Littleborough Lancashire
    Going for a ride: Kerry is facing her demons

    Mother-of-four Kerry can work hard when she decides to, as proved when she shed six stone last summer.

    After spending £15,000 on liposuction she used exercise and healthy eating to help her drop from 14 to eight stone.
    But earlier this year she piled on two stone in just two months.
    One source told Heat magazine: ‘Kerry has told me she hates the way she looks and she wants to drop a couple of stone as soon as possible.

    ‘This holiday [in Magaluf] is a final blowout for her, because she knows that when she gets back it’s going to be tough.'

    Taking a break: Kerry and Mark share a tender moment

    Kerry blames the huge weight gain on the filming of her new television show Kerry Katona - What's The Problem? for MTV.
    Stressed by long and busy days she ditched her diet for junk food and stopped doing exercise.
    According to Closer magazine, Kerry told friends: 'Mark's gone off me and sex altogether now.

    'I've gone up a dress size or two. It's my body that's repulsed him. I don't want him looking for it from someone else.'

    Bloated: Pictures of Kerry on holiday in Magaluf last month are said to have spurred her on to lose weight


    Somewhat related note - I find it humourous (that's humorous to some countries, so as not to offend you by the use of the additional letter u) that they have a Delorean considering both were coke addicts and the husband was a cocaine deailer.

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    They spend money they haven't got like water. No mention of her kids as usual. She almost makes Katie Price look good.

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    She looks a hard 40 to me. It's amazing how much hard living can age you.

    As for the smoking, I got in great shape with running and jumping rope in my very early 20s as a half a pack to pack a day smoker so this doesn't shock me. The body can handle a lot in its youth. Oh and the post run cigarette was the best.

    I'm no longer a smoker but if I was, I don't think I'd be to handle intensive exercise with compromised lung function now.

    As for the weight loss, she's looking at a miserable life of yoyoing if she keeps starving herself to get the weight off. The average person just doesn't gain 28 lbs in 2 months unless they've been on a severely restrictive diet.

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