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Thread: Texas threatening to secede from the nation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    They don't sale condoms in Texas?

    I wouldn't blame the lack of clinics for teen pregnancy....I would more of less call it ignorance and the lack of practicing safe sex.
    You can buy a condom for $.50 in a gas station restroom.
    Yeah but first you have to know that you actually need a condom. If you've never had a proper sex-ed course, and your parents believed it was dirty to educate you on sex, then its really easy to believe your boyfriend when he says the pull-out method works / you cant get pregnant in XYZ circumstance / the Rhythm method actually works. That is at the heart of it. A complete lack of education and information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    Didn't you live her before? Your family lives here now - what IS the problem? When did it start? How are the Texan GR posters here to fix it? Do we all just carpetbag it on out of here like many others? That seems to be the easiest solution. I'm not a native, I could leave easily enough but what the hell does that solve? What did it solve when you left? nothing, the problems remain. for every person who leaves here, another shows up with less resolve to fix anything than the last guy had.
    Yes, I lived there before and still have family there. The problem with Texas is the vast majority of the state's reluctance to really discuss why there are so many problems there, and what the real underlying causes are.

    I think my story is a pretty telling microcosm of all the problems in Texas. Here's the short version: I have Yankee parents and we moved to a small town in Texas when I was in elementary school. Straight out of the gate I was an 'outsider' and I remained an outsider until my senior year in high school. It was impossible for my family to make friends, despite being perfectly normal. All the people I grew up with were 4th or 5th generation residents of the town, and all their parents had gone to school together for 18+ years, gone to the crappy university in the next town over, and returned to the town they grew up in. And most of them got teaching degrees and wound up teaching in the very school system that they grew up in. Then they all had babies at the same time, married their high school sweetheart, and produced the next kindergarden class.

    The result is that all the town leaders, teachers, school administrators, all come from this same small circle, and they shut out anything and everything that is different from their reality. Most of the people in that town never traveled outside of Texas and Oklahoma, nevermind outside the US. Many people had never even flown on an airplane. They all attend one of the same 3 churches in town.

    The result is that the school system is just pathetic. In high school, they hired a teacher from 'the outside' to teach French, and she had the audacity to plan an educational summer trip to France for students. The faculty freaked out, put the kibosh on the trip, and excommunicated the teacher. She was literally run out of town in under a year. In my history class, they skipped over the Civil War and the Vietnam War sections of the textbook. My Biology class was taught by the soccer coach and he used the time to gossip with the students. When I went away to college, I spent a year doing catch-up because everyone else in my freshman literature class had read and analyzed all the classic works of literature and I hadn't. I didn't even know what I didn't know until I saw how my peers from other states turned out.

    I know my story isn't unique- I've met people from all over Texas who had the exact same experience. It just seems that there is a general, wide-spread distrust of anything new or different there, and it impedes any progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nana55 View Post
    California has horrendous problems and I would love to leave and go back to Canada. However my husband owns his own business, (repairing Mercedes) which will not do to well in Winnipeg, ha ha. Also my children and grandchildren are here. So we make do with going up every summer to my sisters. We've tried to fix the immigration problem through voting. It isn't working. why should the good people risk their children's academics, and way of life? It won't be fixed because it's gone too far down the slope. California is almost majority Hispanic, in L.A. it is a majority. When there is a majority of one culture, it becomes the main culture. It might be a fine culture, but I want to live with my culture, sorry.
    California's problems stem from everyone wanting to live there and voter initiatives that have fucked up state government. Prop 13 passed in '78 and you could see the descent of public schools into the toilet in less than 10 years. All those voter initiatives have left the state legislature with barely any leeway to manage the state budget. Prop 13 has also created tons of sprawl because people have held onto their homes for lower property taxes rather than moving.

    And given California's history, it's not really surprising that some people see it as "majority Hispanic." After all, it was part of Mexico. Duh. The state's population was never like Minnesota to begin with.

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