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Thread: Bad credit sidelines some jobless workers

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    A lot of smaller businesses get some sort of incentive to hire them. But it is hard. But would you want one driving the Heathens around or reading your electric meter?
    Thats a tough question. I used to have jobs where I worked side by side with drug dealers and everything else, and I was doing regular work. One day I was in a tire factory, next working retail selling clothes. I remember one job a friend of mine rumored to be a drug dealer was fired when they put up metal detectors at our job. Why? He always carried a gun and wouldnt get rid of it, no matter what. You never know who youre next to. Heck, I remember there was a rumor that a guy cutting hair down the street sold drugs just because of the impossibly fancy car he drove for just cutting hair.

    I guess the difference between them and the ex-con is the latter just got caught. Knowing this, I dont know. I wouldnt want them to drive my children around BUT they need jobs too, and if I was in their situation Id want a second chance.

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    Best thing: avoid becoming a felon.
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    It's tough because how are they supposed to get back into society and be productive yet I wouldn't want to work with a convicted felon either. I guess the nature of the crime plays into it. There's no way I'd want to be anywhere near someone who comitted a violent crime like rape or murder, but I might not mind being around a felon who committed a white collar crime.

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