by John in DC - 7/18/2006 12:01:00 PM

This is getting into Nixon territory, having the president of the United States personally obstruct an investigation into his own possible wrongdoing.

Now it seems that even Bush's own administration is not trusted by Bush. So who is competent to provide checks and balances for this president - not the congress which is controlled by Republicans, not the courts which are supposedly "activists" who supposedly "don't get" how important September 11 really was, and now we learn that even Bush's own internal administration watchdogs are not considered "safe" enough to keep an eye on this president and his excess.

So at what point does this president's power stop? We now learn, at no point. Bush has created an imperial presidency, a dictatorial presidency, and no one in government - a government controlled by Republicans - is even willing to stand up and remind George Bush that we live in a democracy where he does not have the final word on right and wrong.

This is what the Republican vision is for America? It's high time Republicans took off their partisan hats and realized what their glorious leader has done to this country. He has created their worst nightmare of an all-powerful, unchecked federal government. And conservatives couldn't care less, because conservatives in America no longer apparently believe in anything.