Civil Rights Fast Begins

For Immediate Release
November 2, 2010

New York City

On this election day, LGBTQ activists will be escalating their political actions beyond holding vigil, standing in protest, sitting in demonstration outside of Senator Kirsten Gilliband’s office as they have done now for 36 consecutive days and nights. Today they are stating clearly and definitively, it is time for the introduction of a civil rights bill for all Americans.

Alan Bounville and Iana Di Bona will be working as a team of faster and non-fasting collaborator. They will be joining a long and legendary list of fasters for human rights and justice. From Thomas Jefferson to Sonia Johnson, from M.K. Gandhi to Cesar Chavez, activists have been moved to advance the seriousness of their cause, the breadth of their demand by escalating their commitment to include their health, their well-being, their very life force; to stand in the face of injustice and demand equality, justice, civil rights.

This dedicated Fast Team is making a simple demand that in accordance with the successful passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act (CRA), assuring full equality for all Americans, now explicitly include LGBTQ people by adding, “sexual orientation and gender identity.” Nothing more and nothing less than the introduction of a bill, which adds this inclusive language to the CRA, guaranteeing employment, housing and all federal agencies or federally funded programs, will ensure equality for all.

For the past 36 days a group of people have been holding a vigil known as the Queer SOS! Vigil outside the campaign office of United States Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand asking that she file a bill known as The American Equality Bill, which adds “sexual orientation and gender identity” to the 1964 Civil Rights Act (CRA). On September 27th the group held vigil 10 AM – 6 PM. October 11, the group increased it to a 24/7 vigil including sleeping on the street. Today, two members of that vigil escalate their activity again by beginning a CIVIL RIGHTS FAST. Alan Bounville will begin a water only fast and Iana Di Bona will begin as a non-fasting fulltime collaborator, together they will be in service to the American Equality Bill.

“We have been sitting/standing/sleeping outside our senator’s office with one simple demand: file the bill that adds “sexual orientation and gender identity" to the Civil Rights Act” says Alan Bounville. “I want to live to see the day when I can hold the hand of my partner on any street in America without fear of retaliation against my love. Inclusion in the Civil Rights Act is a big step towards achieving that dream.”

“The CRA covers employment, housing, all public spaces, government buildings (like schools) and any program funded by federal money like adoption agencies, homeless youth, HIV and health programs – all of them!” says Iana Di Bona, member of the Civil Rights Fast Team. It is time we are fully legal under the law.”

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