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Thread: Lt. Dan Choi & Capt. Jim Pietrangelo: Dignity Fast

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    Default Lt. Dan Choi & Capt. Jim Pietrangelo: Dignity Fast

    In response to the empty repeal of DADT, Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. Jim Pietrangelo have begun a Dignity Fast.

    Note: The "repeal" of DADT isn't a repeal at all. They've taken out the anti-discrimination language, they have not placed a schedule on implementation and they have added a final approval by Gates and Mullen. So this is an empty repeal. It doesn't stop discharges and gives full power for repeal back to the Pentagon. The Senate could approve it, Obama could sign it and potentially nothing could happen. If the Pentagon decided that their "study" concluded that LGBT people should be banned entirely, then they have the authority to do that.

    Dignity Fast video from Dan & Jim on FB

    Dignity Fast on FB

    Sitting in Solidarity for Repeal of DADT


    Fast for a meal and send a paper plate to the White House with: "I stand in hunger and solidarity with Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. James Pietrangelo in their Dignity Fast. I demand President Barack Obama to:

    1.) Stop DADT firing immediately,
    2.) Stop the insulting, wasteful, undignified study,
    3.) Enact a military non-discrimination policy."

    Mail it to President Obama: The White House: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Washington, DC 20500

    Call your senators, newspapers, journalists, friends and family. Tweet, post this to your Facebook, do whatever is in your capacity to do to help Dan & Jim and demand a FULL repeal of DADT.


    Thank you.

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    You'll note Obama hasn't signed an executive stop/loss order halting discharges till his bunk, rigged study is completed in a year.

    Pretty telling.
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    This DADT shit is just getting ridiculous. Bless these soldiers for standing up for gay rights.

    Other nations have gays in the military goddammit, if they can, we can. What are we, a lesser nation than these other nations? This whole thing must make us look ridiculous to the other advanced nations on this earth. I am ashamed of us as a nation over this.
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    So am I Soj. It's embarrassing. I'm sick of the bigotry, misinformation & absurd input from religious groups--who btw should be staying out of it, given their fondness for separation of church & state.

    I do wish more people would understand that what happened the other day didn't change a damn thing. My gut feeling is that when the bullshit "study" is done it will remain in place. Then Obama can claim he "tried". It pisses me off.
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