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Thread: Crazy rhetoric amps up as DADT repeal moves through Congress

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    Default Crazy rhetoric amps up as DADT repeal moves through Congress

    Keith talks to columnist Dan Savage about the hateful anti-gay rhetoric coming from the opponents of the repeal of DADT and Savage makes a great point about what we're seeing now.

    Olbermann: Is there something you think particularly about gay's serving in the military that these people don't like or is it as you're suggesting, this is like a time line which wherever they encounter "the gay"... these bizarre straight people, presumably straight people, who knows, have to over react just because this is the latest battlefield, no pun intended?

    Savage: Well first that's a really great point. Who knows who's lifting these people's luggage, these folks who are sort of paranoid about people being fellated in their sleep. I'd like to see what's going on in their heads. I think they're projecting, some of them. Whenever they're on the verge of losing they trot out these desperate nightmare scenarios and they really are on the verge of losing the last two final issues when it comes to gay rights such as service in the military and marriage.

    Savage was spot on with that remark. Every one of these anti-gay bigots strikes me as just another self-loathing closeted gay hypocrite who can't resolve their own issues with trying to fight off "teh gay" since they've been told their own natural impulses are a sin. And then we have John McCain who is simply pandering to the far right as he worries about getting reelected since he's got wingnut J.D. Hayworth running against him.

    On to the other bigots that Keith talks about. We've got Peter Sprigg.

    Family Research Council: End Of DADT Means More Gay Rape In The Military:

    Here's how the Family Research Council envisions things going if Don't Ask, Don't Tell is repealed: first, more straight soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will be fellated in their sleep against their will. Then, commanders afraid of being labeled homophobes will refuse to do anything about it. Eventually, the straight service members will quit out of fear. Read on...

    And next we have Cliff Kincaid.

    Far Right Christian Group Warns That ‘Gay Blood’ Will Destroy Our Military If DADT Is Repealed:

    Today, right-wing hate-monger Cliff Kincaid’s group America’s Survival launched a repulsive fear campaign against repeal, warning that “disease-tainted gay blood threatens our troops.” The group’s abhorrent video — and the 60 page report that accompanies it — present ludicrous stereotypes of gay men and women, going so far as to claim that “open and active homosexuals into the U.S. military could very well result in the spreading of deadly HIV-tainted blood throughout the ranks”. Read on...

    And then there's Bryan Fischer from the AFA.

    AFA's Fischer Outdoes Himself:

    It was about a year ago that I wrote a seemingly throwaway post about the fact that Bryan Fischer had been promoted from his position running the Idaho Values Alliance, the state affiliate of the American Family Association, to a position as director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy with the AFA itself and the host of a daily two-hour radio program for the organization.

    Since then, Fischer has proven himself to be among the most radically right-wing figures within the contemporary Religious Right movement.

    Just last week he declared on his radio program that "God is obviously looking for is more Phinehases in our day," approvingly citing a story from the Book of Numbers about a man who killed two people with a spear for engaging in sexual immorality.

    But yesterday he managed to outdo himself once again, declaring that Adolf Hitler was gay and that he surrounded himself with gay soldiers because only gays were willing to be savage and brutal enough to carry out his agenda.

    Dan Savage laid waste to all of those kooks, and I completely agree with him about what the basis of their problem is. They're all badly in need of just coming out of the closet and being done with it. One of these religious anti-gay wingnuts they failed to mention here is James Dobson. If he isn't every bit as gay as his buddy Rent-Boy-Rekers I'll be shocked. Anyone who recommends showering with your male children and that them seeing your penis size is going to keep away "teh gay" has got some really serious issues.

    I hope to hell the Congress finally repeals DADT. It's long overdue. Every one of these anti-gay bigots needs to be asked how many men they've had sexual relationships with when anyone has them on for an interview.Crooks and Liars

    Ok, so if your male child sees your big honking penis it will keep the ghey away? Because straight guys have big ones and gay guys don't? I'm confused. Even more confusing is the Adolf Hitler comment. Are they saying that all the Storm Troopers were gay? And if so, what does that say about the White Supremacy movement in America? Again, I'm confused, although I wouldn't be surprised to hear that White Supremacists are secretly attracted to gay black dudes.
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    goddamnit this is NOT THE REPEAL

    Fuck i wish the media would get this right
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