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Thread: Crazy Christians pray for God to kill President Obama (secret coded t-shirts!)

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    Default Crazy Christians pray for God to kill President Obama (secret coded t-shirts!)

    There's a hilarious new meme in the wingnut sectors of the internet: someone's coined a bumper sticker slogan encouraging people to pray for Barack Obama. But here's the funny part: it's really a secret Christian code for "Kill the President!'

    Posters to various message boards tell stories of seeing bumper stickers with the message "Pray for Obama—Psalm 109:8" on the highway, only to look up the verse and find, "Let his days be few; and let another take his office." People — like the commenter "Panama" on, to pick one guy completely at random — think this is "too funny." The next verse in Psalms is, "Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow."

    Anyway, now it's a real thing: CafePress is selling T-shirts and bumper stickers, the Christian Science Monitor is wondering whether it's "funny or sinister" to pray for Obama's death, and Rachel Maddow referenced it last night on her show.

    Psalm 109 is known as "A Cry for Vengeance," which is one of the foundational values of Christianity, along with small-business tax cuts. It's actually quite a little psalm, as psalms go, and the opening lines sound really familiar:

    Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise;
    for the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me:they have spoken against me with a lying tongue.
    They compassed me about also with words of hatred; and fought against me without a cause.

    Then it gets into the part where you pray for God to smite Barack Obama and condemn Malia and Sasha to poverty for the rest of their lives, a fate they deserve because they sprang from the loins of the sinful:

    Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places.

    The Psalm 109:8 gag is one in what's becoming a long line of cheekily coded Obama death threats: There was the classified ad someone placed in a Pennsylvania paper hoping that he follows in "the footsteps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy," all of whom were assassinated. And there was the gun-toting New Hampshire teabagger with a sign saying it is time to "water the tree of liberty"—a reference to Thomas Jefferson's reminder that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the "blood of tyrants and patriots."

    Why not a T-shirt that says, "Will Somebody Please Kill That Guy Already?" The word games are getting tedious. If you want Barack Obama to die and for curses to "come into his bowels like water, and like oil into his bones," and for his name to be blotted out in one generation, just say so!

    Here's our favorite part of Psalm 109:

    Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame; and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle.

    That sounds about right.
    I am sort of stunned at just how crazy the wingnuts are getting.

    (I say secret-coded t-shirts because I wouldn't know a psalm if it knocked me on my arse.)
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    And these crazy Christians will be the first ones to say Muslims are 'evil.'

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    Default re

    That makes me just hate people.

    Like, I don't even want to be a person anymore. Maybe a cat instead.

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    These nutters get a twisted sick sense of satisfaction knowing their "cause" is backed up by the Bible. Ergo, it's bullshit squared.

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    This is sickening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBDSP View Post
    That makes me just hate people.

    Like, I don't even want to be a person anymore. Maybe a cat instead.
    a cat??? Wow, you do have it bad!

    There are also "pray for Obama" stickers that are quoting "1 timothy 2:1-2"

    "1I exhort therefore, first of all, that supplications, prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings, be made for all men; 2for kings and all that are in high place; that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and gravity."

    Which sugests that not all christians are crazy psychos.... maybe....
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    Psalm 109 is known as "A Cry for Vengeance," which is one of the foundational values of Christianity, along with small-business tax cuts

    What will these Krazy Krazy Kristians come up with next?
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    The t-shirts and bumper stickers with this appalling message are being sold by CafePress. They removed most items for sale yesterday, since they won't sell products that advocate violence, but decided that outright calling for the assassination of a sitting President didn't qualify as advocating violence, so have since put the items back up for sale.

    Here is the company's reply to those demanding removal...

    Dear ...,

    Thank you for contacting!

    Cafepress looks at content on a case by case basis, and makes decisions about what content is permissible based on our content usage policy.

    Anti-presidential gear has been a mainstay at Cafepress since we were founded in 1999 and has become a key component of political discourse. Our site has become a cultural barometer of public opinion and as such designs often come into question. In managing our content we are trying to protect self expression, while making sure we are not advocating violence.

    We initially pulled the Psalm 109:8 content from our products today because broader media dialog indicated that these designs potentially suggested violence towards the president. Based on current public discourse and further review of the actual content, we have determined that it is fair political commentary and we are in the process of reinstating this merchandise. As with all of our content, these designs will continue to be reviewed and if at any time their meaning is construed as advocating violence we will revisit our decision.

    Your ticket code is LTK419085799243X. Please use this code in any further communication.

    Best Regards,

    Margene H.
    Content Usage Associate
    (650) 655-3104 (O)
    (650) 240-0260 (F)
    CafePress: Custom & funny t-shirts plus unique gifts

    palingates: "CafePress" reverses their decision and now sells " Pray for Obama - Psalm 109:8" products again - In contrast, "Zazzle" withdraws these products

    Fucking embarassing.
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    (Replying to MontanaMama) This is some of the smartest shit I ever read

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    Let them pray.
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