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Thread: A new Friday Night Lights movie in the making

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    'Friday Night Lights' to Return to the Big Screen
    Original cast out, TV cast in
    Posted by William Goss Tuesday, August 02, 2011 1:55:17 PM
    In 2004, Peter Berg gave us "Friday Night Lights," a decent football drama based on a non-fiction novel that was a modest success for Universal. That went on to spawn an acclaimed and even further fictionalized TV show, which just ended its healthy five-season run on NBC with a bit of help from DirecTV.

    And now, according to Deadline, Berg's working on a feature film sequel that will star the cast of the show, as opposed to that of the first film. (Something tells me you get some leeway once you deliver a film like "Battleship" to a studio.) Brian Grazer is back on board as producer, the script is underway and a 2012 start date seems ideal for all involved.

    By all accounts, the show -- while adored -- wasn't exactly a ratings juggernaut. Would a feature-length continuation draw in an audience beyond the die-hards? Will Kyle Chander have the box office draw of Billy Bob Thornton (which is itself already debatable)? Or is this destined to be the dramatic equivalent to an "Arrested Development" movie, always lurking on the horizon?

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    Sounds great to me, long as Taylor is in it!!!

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    woohoo sounds awesome

    I hope Taylor is in it too
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    The original Friday Night Lights was based on the story the coach wrote. So being a true story carried some clout I suppose.

    The TV series was all fiction. Though I luuuv that show and miss it. If there's a movie, it won't be a blockbuster, but it will have the fans of the tv show. And if it is released at the proper time, and publicized the proper way during high school football season, it could do well at the box office, you never know.

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    I'm on board with anything with Kyle Chandler in it.
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