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Thread: Any Cubs fans here?

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    Thank you!! He is beautiful and I am in love!!!
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    3 Cubs were on SNL tonight. It was great.
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    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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    Anthony Rizzo is the cutest.
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    Born and raised on the north side so of course im a cubs fan. I will say being at a game is awesome, watching it not so much. But damn, that final game was epic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JadeStar70 View Post
    So what date will they say the Cubs won? They started the game on the 2nd, but it ended in OH after midnight. So, it the 2nd or 3rd? The reason I ask is because my daughter was in labor with my 1st grand child Wednesday night, but had him at 1:41 am on the 3rd. We want to know if we have bragging rights that he was born on the night the Cubs beat the billy goat curse. He is beautiful by the way....
    I think you can definitely claim it. Congrats to your family!
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