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Thread: ESPN broadcaster Brian Griese apologizes for Montoya remark

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    Default ESPN broadcaster Brian Griese apologizes for Montoya remark

    (at least learn the cuisine of the ethnicity you are trying to mock, mo-ron, waiting for the IF anyone was offended "apology")

    Griese apologizes for Montoya remark - Yahoo! News

    MARTINSVILLE, Va. ESPN broadcaster Bob Griese apologized at the end of Saturday's Ohio State-Minnesota football game for a remark he made about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.
    Earlier in the telecast, during a promotion for coverage of NASCAR's Chase for the championship, a graphic listed the top five drivers in the points race. Fellow analyst Chris Spielman asked where was Montoya, who is Colombian. Griese replied that he was "out having a taco."
    As the telecast was wrapping up, Griese, the Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Miami Dolphins quarterback, apologized for the remark and said that Montoya is one of the best drivers in NASCAR.
    In a statement released later, ESPN called the remark "inappropriate" and said Griese plans to apologize again Saturday night during the network's college football coverage.
    "ESPN has spoken to Bob and he understands that his comment was uncalled for," the statement said.

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    Greasy is an ass. He's a total homer with no objectivity. He's done a few of our games this year and has no clue what he's talking about. It's a good thing Spielman is there to bail him out.

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    ESPN isn't haven't the best of luck lately. First, the Steve Phillips sex scandal and now this.

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