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Thread: No Moxie Lash Reviews?

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    Default No Moxie Lash Reviews?

    I haven't been here for a while, but I was surprised that these haven't come up. You can find info and videos about them almost everywhere. I've seen a few Beauty YouTubers try them out, but I don't always trust that they're not being paid off.

    Anyway, I've been looking at them for months, wavering about them. I've never worn any kind of false lashes but these looked so easy!! I ordered them from Moxie Lash's website and paid expedited shipment to get them in about a week or a little more. I decided to get the Welcome Kit, came with three different pairs of lashes (Wifey, Sassy and Happy), two mini magnetic liners (in black and brown ... I always wear brown liner and mascara, I'm just too pale to carry off the black, IMO), a bottle of their branded makeup removers (a lot of the reviews said it was very difficult to get the liner off, you can't use oil based remover because it's not a good base for the liner) and a cheap mesh zipper bag. I also ordered a mini liner in Azul, a very pretty blue. My purchase qualified for a free gift ... which turned out to be another mesh bag, which irritated me. You could buy nicer ones in a dollar store. I had a 20% off code (plus they offer to split the payments). My subtotal (after the discount) was $147.20, state tax was $10.62 and my expedited shipping cost $12.99. I felt they were ridiculously overpriced but eyelashes are big right now and I wanted to try them.

    From watching other videos, I knew that the eyeliner is not very cooperative. I use a Marc Jacobs brown liquid eyeliner (and have for around 6-7 years). I've tried other liquid eyeliners and this, for me, is the easiest to use with the best results. The magnetic eyeliner is also a liquid eyeliner ... I found it to be a bit runny and clumpy and because it's more a brush instead of a magic marker like eyeliner, it was easy to mess it up. I am almost a pro at putting my regular eyeliner on, but this was challenging. A lot of other complaints were that the liner comes off with the eyelash (which makes it harder to clean the lash line on the lash itself). ML came out with a video that emphasizes you have to let it dry a full two minutes before applying the lash. I did this and more. I let it dry for about eight minutes and the liner was still tacky. They suggested that you curl your natural lashes while you're waiting for it to dry ... ugh. Also did that at about four minutes and my lash curler was *covered* with sticky liner. I had to reapply the liner at that point just to make sure the magnets had a full line to grab on to. After that I waited another four minutes to let it dry and it never completely dried. The only thing I want to mention with that is that I had absolutely no other makeup on and had just wiped my face down with an oil free makeup wipe. So, it might be better when I apply them with a full makeup routine.

    The lashes themselves do exactly what they claim ... they attach very well and they are on there good. I did have to take one off and reposition it and other than having more liner pull off with the lash, it attached just as well as the first time. I didn't have to play around with them to get them positioned, they just followed the line of magnetic eyeliner, so if you do that well, you should have no problems.

    I have hooded eyes and I was amazed at how open they looked in a small handheld mirror. When I looked in the big bathroom mirror, I think I look a little crazy (no matter how thin you put the eyeliner on, the lash band makes it look like you have heavy eyeliner on). I did try the biggest ones first (Happy) so with different lashes, they might look better. A lot of people (almost all) that reviewed said they felt like they had nothing on. Bullshit. I can feel both of them and it's a weird feeling. I have not tried them with glasses/sunglasses but I'm worried they might hit the lens, which would also be annoying.

    All in all, even with all the issues, I kind of love them. They have changed the way my eyes look, wider and brighter. I am definitely going to try the smaller ones tomorrow. Other issues I had ... I hate the liner, mostly because it's a mini. I'm going to have to buy the full size liner because it was really a PITA to apply the eyeliner with such a small wand. I ordered a kit and all the other kits came with the magnetic eyelash applicator. I assumed that it came with my kit, but I assumed wrong and I only have myself to blame for that one. So the full size eyeliner is $45 and the applicator is $25 which means I have too much invested in this crap.
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    Thanks for posting your detailed review, Nevan. Let us know how it goes.
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