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Thread: Stars with new teeth

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    I think they lose a lot of character by having the same teeths as every other Tom, Dick and Harry in Hollywood. Some of them needed a bit of work but I really dislike the look of excessively white horse dentures.
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    I'm jealous. I wish I could get perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth. I can't think of a single soul I know that has straight teeth that didn't have braces or get veneers put on. And the insurance companies will pay for kid's braces (my 10yo is in the palette widening stage, where he has to wear top and bottom retainers to widen his mouth, then at 12-13, he'll have actual braces put on ... it's insane) but not for adults (at least everyone I know). It sucks. My bottom teeth are reallllllly crooked but the way I smile and talk, you don't see them so I'm not as worried about them. My top teeth ... one front tooth is turned a bit because there wasn't enough room in my mouth ... there is now after wisdom teeth were removed. All my other teeth on top are perfectly straight but I'm soooo aware of that really crooked front tooth that I'm rarely smiling beyond a Mona Lisa smile in all pictures. My son's orthodontist said my upper teeth would be an easy six month fix, but who's got the funds to have two people in ortho care in a one family. We're already prepaying for his damned braces in 2-3 years, and still paying for the palette extenders. Insurance sucks.

    And a ? about veneers, don't they ruin your original teeth? I remember watching a YouTube video or something of them putting them on and they have to scratch and roughen up your real teeth (which I would imagine would destroy all your enamel?) to put the veneers on. Or is that an outdated way of doing it now?

    ETA: I think Emma Thompson's teeth are her real teeth but it looks like she had braces put on, not just whitened. Her canines are MUCH straighter in the after picture. I like hers the most out of all the pictures because they look natural!!

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