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Thread: 'Model' Pixee Fox (a former Electrician!) spends $120,000 on 15 surgeries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkbunnyslippers View Post
    The ribs are meant to protect internal organs. I cannot understand why any doctor would make this a cosmetic procedure. Obviously money, but this should not be allowed. She better hope she doesn't get hit in the gut.
    I happened to watch an episode of Botched where a transgender person is also becoming Jessica Rabbit. She was requesting rib removal and the doctors said no, they also said it is a complicated and potentially dangerous surgery. They did however offer to fix her nose, but it would make her nose bigger. She declined.
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    She looks like a cartoon but not in the way she hoped for. Those tits don't even look like tits.
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    Thank you peeps, for finding and posting other pics and info .

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    I don't believe she had ribs removed, unless her ribcage was really massive and connecting with her pelvis or something... she looks scary and mental now, the eyes look crazy. Looking at the original pic, she could do with a delicate nose job, but even that would be too much. She definitely resembled the German singer Helene Fischer.

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    The doctor who agreed to do this should be struck off immediately. Isn't there a rumour/fact that Cher had this procedure too?
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    What a colossal waste of money
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