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Thread: After a life of cruelty and misery, dancing bear gets her first taste of freedom

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    Thumbs up After a life of cruelty and misery, dancing bear gets her first taste of freedom

    It is a pitiful sight - a majestic animal captured, tortured into submission and made to perform on demand.
    But after years of cruelty and abuse, Natasha - one of Serbia's last three dancing bears - is back in the wild.
    Following the country's decision to ban the practice, a new home has been found for the bears in a Bulgarian nature reserve.

    Money-spinner: Dancing bears are taught to get up on their hind legs when they hear music

    The Dancing Bear Park in Belitsa is run by the animal rights organisation Four Paws.
    It already holds 24 other brown bears which have been rescued in recent years.
    Since they were cubs, the bears have been dragged around by the nose and forced to dance for tourists.
    They are trained by having their front paws greased and then forced on to hot iron plates.
    Free at last: Natasha is now living on a nature reserve

    The animals often have their claws and teeth removed so they cannot harm their trainers.
    Owning dancing bears has been banned in both Serbia and Bulgaria, but it is still legal in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo.
    A park spokesman said the animals usually need a lot of time to get used to their new life, as many are beaten before being taken out on to the streets.
    Milena, the oldest of the rescued bears, is very weak and blind as a result of years of ill-treatment.
    Vassil Madokev, leader of the team which is caring for the rescued bears, said: 'Milena only has a few months to live.
    'Despite that, all efforts to bring her here and take care of her are well merited because this poor animal will be now able to spend her last days in freedom.'

    After a life of cruelty and misery, Natasha the dancing bear gets her first taste of freedom | Mail Online

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    I wish that poor bear could've chewed off that damn accordion player's fingers.

    I am so glad it turned out okay for this bear. That is just simply awful treatment!
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    how awful. bless her heart, I hope she is happy and healthy and has a great life now!

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    i hope the accordion player is having trouble making a living now. poor bear
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    I can think of a few things I'd like to remove from the trainers.

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