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Thread: Dog trapped for two weeks in hole survives

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    Default Dog trapped for two weeks in hole survives

    Home again: Bailey the chihuahua with Olivia Wilkes

    He may be small but Bailey the chihuahua proved a big survivor when he was trapped in a World War II air raid shelter for two weeks.
    The little dog kept alive by drinking rainwater and eating insects before his whimpering alerted rescuers.
    His legs were too small to let him climb the 3m (10ft) to escape the shelter.
    Owner Olivia Wilkes said: 'It's incredible that he survived for so long. The vet said he must have drunk the rain that fell in the hole and ate insects.'

    Mrs Wilkes had all but given up on seeing her beloved pet again after she lost him one day while taking him out for a walk near her home in Poole, Dorset, and he took off after a fox.
    There had been no word after two weeks, even though she set up a page on social networking site Facebook to publicise the search.
    She put up missing posters and handed out leaflets around her neighbourhood.
    One of those went to builder Dave Lindsay – who then heard a dog whimpering and followed the sound to the old shelter.
    He went and got Mrs Wilkes, 26, who said: 'I couldn't believe it, I looked down and there he was. He was fine but a bit skinny.'
    She added: 'Apart from the loss of weight he is a little bit quieter than usual.'
    Bailey is now recovering at home with Olivia and husband David, 31, and their two children.
    Vet Graham Smith, from the Afrivet practice in Poole, said: 'He wouldn't have lasted much longer than a couple more days.'

    Dog trapped for two weeks in hole survives |

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    aww what a cute doggy
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