Total devotion: Emma Hayward

Cat lovers will do almost anything to keep their feline friends happy.

But Emma Hayward's cat Gizmo is surely testing that devotion to extremes.
Mrs Hayward has spent more than 10,000 in only 13 months on treating Gizmo's painful bouts of pancreatitis.
Such is her dedication that she and her husband Leigh, 33, have just cancelled a holiday to Jamaica so they can look after him.
Mrs Hayward, 29, said: "People must think we're mad to spend so much on Gizmo. But he is like a little person to me and I hate seeing him in pain.

"It hasn't been easy finding the money to pay all his vet bills. But if it came to it I would sell the house to fund them.
"We were going to go on holiday in February but we've cancelled it as I don't want to leave him on his own.
"We have thought about putting him down but pancreatitis is such a strange disease - the attacks cause Gizmo a lot of pain, but after he has recovered he'll be as right as rain.
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The patient: Gizmo bravely puts up with his illness

"If he were ill all the time then it wouldn't be fair to keep him alive, but I do think he still has a good quality of life and I can't bear to lose him.
"Our whole world revolves around Gizmo. I sometimes think my husband is quite sorry I had the cats when he first met me!"
Mrs Hayward, operations manager for a credit card firm, bought Gizmo as a kitten from a farm five years ago.
He and her other cat Frazzle grew into healthy adults.
But last October Gizmo became very lethargic and stopped eating.
Mrs Hayward, from Wrexham, took him to see her local vets, but they failed to diagnose what was wrong.

In despair, she took him to the Small Animal Hospital at Liverpool University. There, after an ultrasound and an operation, it was found he was suffering from pancreatitis.
The condition inflames the pancreas, causing severe pain, and can lead to inflammation of the stomach and digestive system problems.
"I was so pleased when they actually diagnosed what was wrong with Gizmo," said Mrs Hayward. 'But I was totally shocked when I got the bill.
"It was for over 2,500 and I had no idea how I was going to pay it.
"But Leigh was so lovely - he bought Gizmo a get well card and inside was a cheque for 1,000.
"Since then Gizmo has had three further attacks and we even used the left-over money from our honeymoon in the summer to pay for his bills."

The couple have spent around 6,000 on Animal Hospital bills, 1,000 on check-ups, 2,000 on local vets' bills, 500 on special foods and 500 on bandages and collars.
Patricia Ibarrola, a small-animal clinician at the hospital, said: "Pancreatitis is quite common in cats and they get it quite severely. It is not fatal, although it can shorten their lives if it leads to other complications." But Mrs Hayward will stay devoted to her cat come what may "Gizmo could last for five weeks or five years but I'm determined to look after him," she said.

'You must think I'm crazy': Cat lovers left with nothing in the kitty after 10,000 vet bills | the Daily Mail