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Thread: Does anyone use CBD oil for their dogs?

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    Default Does anyone use CBD oil for their dogs?

    My dog has terrible allergies and the only relief he gets is from Apoquel, which I don't like giving him.

    I've heard CBD oil can do wonders for dogs with allergies, but there are so many different companies out there I want to be sure I pick a legitimate one.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I used CBD oil with one of my dogs. He was having weird night time "hallucinations" for lack of a better description. The brand I used was Global CBD and I purchased it at a local vaping shop. It wasn't cheap - about $65/bottle - but it did help him a lot. Good luck with your pup.
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    I use CBD oil with my dog. She hates it, but it does work really nice with her joint pains and arthritis. I buy it a local one at a pet store, one with 6% CBD (there is a 3% one as well).
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    I haven't had experience with CBD oil because it was 15+ years ago before it was common. Had an English Bulldog with bad skin and arthritis. The alove vera juice we bought tended to help.
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