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Thread: Thirsty Koala flags down cyclist for a drink

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    Default Thirsty Koala flags down cyclist for a drink

    hirsty koala flags down cyclist for a drink from his water bottle
    Jen Mills for 3 Mar 2016 9:33 am
    Thirsty koala flags down cyclist for a drink from his water bottle
    Parched as, bro (Facebook / Nick Lothian)

    Wednesday was a great day for human/koala relations.

    Desperate for something to drink on a hot day in Adelaide, a koala left the scrub-land and climbed a cyclistís bike frame, perching there adorably until the cyclist gave her everything in his water bottle.

    Isnít she gorgeous?

    Fellow rider Nick Lothian noticed the scene as he cycled by and snapped the picture, saying the koala was there for half an hour just chilling on the wheel frame, enjoying her new celebrity status.

    They named her Carolina and his photo went viral Ė obviously, because itís incredibly sweet.
    he koala was in the Adelaide Hills in SA, it climbed up a cyclists wheel to get to a water bottle. It's now been rereleased after a vet check

    Carolina, after her check-up (Picture: Merridy Montarello)

    According to Save The Koala, the marsupial is classed as Ďvulnerableí across Australia.
    Their numbers are in serious decline because of habitat destruction, bushfires, dog attacks and road accidents.
    There are less than 100,000 Koalas left in the wild, possibly as few as 43,000.

    However, itís also a reminder that dry conditions such as drought make it difficult for animals to survive. Normally koalas can keep hydrated just by eating eucalyptus leaves, but if there isnít enough moisture they need to find water elsewhere.

    Animal welfare officers kept the marsupial in overnight to check she didnít have any kidney problems which could have explained the thirst, the Herald Sun reported.

    Luckily, they decided she had a clean bill of health and released her back into the wild

    Thirsty koala flags down cyclist for a drink from his water bottle in Adelaide | Metro News

    No Cookies | Herald Sun
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    So cute!
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    Poor thing was thirsty.
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    Poor little baby! I am glad they helped her and that she is ok. Precious.
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    Totes adorable

    And well over a month old, I see. My bad.
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    aw, what a sweet little bear.
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