Renegade dog gets exit row seat on plane, chills for the whole flight

Riordan Lee 4 mins ago

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“Maybe if I sit here nice and still, no-one will notice that I am a dog”.

There are two pretty amazing things that happened here.

1. There was an unaccompanied dog riding in a human seat on a plane

Now let’s get this straight, this wasn’t some sort of pet transportation service. This was a run-of-the-mill Delta Airlines flight, moving human beings from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Nick Weathers ‏@NickWeathers14

Dog in the Emergency Exit row @Delta


That’s not where you’re supposed to be, dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that he’s sitting upright in a chair like a person, it is hilarious. I just have no idea how it’s a thing that is happening.

Even Delta wondered what was going on:

Nick Weathers @NickWeathers14
Dog in the Emergency Exit row @Delta

Delta Assist @DeltaAssist

@NickWeathers14 I need to get some information on the picture. Can you follow/DM your parents confirmation? *EC
5:58 AM - 27 Jan 2016

Delta’s rules state that a pet “must be small enough to fit comfortably in a kennel”, the “kennel must fit under the seat directly in front of you” and “your pet must remain inside the kennel”.

This dog, who is a hero, is breaking every single one of those rules.

Not only that, he got a freaking exit row! He wasn’t stuck up the back near the toilet, getting smacked in the face with stanky scents every time the door opens – he was flying in primo luxury with ample legroom and a window view.

Perhaps more important, he was also legally responsible for operating the exit door in case of an emergency – so he had all of the passengers’ lives in his adorable little paws.

Nick Weathers @NickWeathers14
Dog in the Emergency Exit row @Delta

Sean McCabe @darthstar99

@NickWeathers14 @Delta But did he actually read the card in front of him?
5:33 AM - 27 Jan 2016 · San Francisco, CA, United States

2. The dog acted like being on a plane was no big deal

Here’s a list of things that make most dogs lose their minds: the reflection off your watch, thunder, vacuum cleaners, being in a car.

But this dog, flying thousands of feet above the Earth, in a noisy plane full of strangers, was not phased in the slightest.

The dog reportedly didn’t cause a stir for the entire flight, which immediately makes it less of a jerk than every baby that has ever been on a plane ever.

People have predictably fallen in love with this legendary canine:

Tiffany Ann @MommyLovesWine
I’d fly more often if there were more dogs and less people tbqh. …
5:44 AM - 27 Jan 2016

Sam Biddle @samfbiddle
@DeltaAssist @NickWeathers14 can you please not try to get someone in trouble over this

sunsentinello @sunsentinello

@samfbiddle @DeltaAssist @NickWeathers14 I'd rather sit by a nice dog than a stinky human
8:05 AM - 27 Jan 2016

So, where do we go from here?

Dog flight attendants? Dog pilots?

Wrong and wrong.

The correct answer is: dog-plane.