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Thread: Miller Wilson, the young lad who helped a Mamma Stingray give birth :)

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    Default Miller Wilson, the young lad who helped a Mamma Stingray give birth :)

    Youngster delivers 12 stingray babies with his own bare hands

    Nine News
    2 hrs ago

    A plucky young Queenslander who likes to get up close and personal with the state's marine life has helped deliver a copious litter of stingray babies.

    Channeling the spirit of the late Steve Irwin, fearless young outdoors-man Miller Wilson was kayaking in the waterway looking for rays when he came across "big mama", only to discover she was in labour.

    "After going for a 30 minute walk up the beach, I came back to find a Stingray lying next to my Kayak!!" Miller writes on YouTube.

    "So after thinking that there was something wrong with her, I found out that she was pregnant... and I ended up delivering 12 Baby Stingrays!!"

    Miller Wilson/YouTube Miller Wilson wrote on YouTube that the stingray mother "appeared to be struggling and I think appreciated the help".

    Although the slimy birth may not appeal to the easily-nauseated among us, Miller's love of nature is infectious, and his willingness to go after creatures barehanded puts him in rare company.

    Stingrays generally give birth to anywhere between five and 15 offspring.

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    Aww, look at the little raviolis. How disgustingly wonderful. I love stingrays. I guess I didn't know they can live in fresh water.

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    he's a little steve irwin. the little raviolis look so sweet, love their little faces.
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    I love stingrays

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    Look at their little "legs"!
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    This was awesome! I do think he helped, the first two got jammed at the exit, when he removed them, birthing the raviolis (great image!) went smoothly.
    Hope we'll see more of this kid.

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    That kid is awesome. I love this video and I bet we will be seeing more of him in the future. He presents information well and was very confident in what he is doing. Those stingrays have the cutest lil faces!
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