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Thread: Your Past Pets

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    Default Your Past Pets

    How many pets have you had in your lifetime?

    I started off around 8 with 2 rats, they lived in a McDonalds tub (this is when their happy meals came with buckets and the toys were good )

    then we had 2 turtles, one was about the size of a text book!

    we had a blue budgie as well, and a hamster

    We also looked after 2 stray rabbits over a few summers, before I gave them to my school as pets (grade 3).

    and now we have a dachshund

    what about you guys?

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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    I've only had 1 Hamster, we gave him away because I was kind of scared of it. Now I have a dog. I've only had 2 pets in my lifetime.

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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    a dog. two cockatiels..and about 10 parakeets, also two ferrets.
    Currently the ugly mutt, and a cockatiel named sonny. At my dad's a desert turtle and a cockatiel named satan.

    Cockatiel Tokee
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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    Oh my gosh, this is so hard. Before the cats I have today, I've had at least... let's see... 40 cats, 6 dogs, countless birds, fish, two turtles, a horse, 2 sheep, rabbits... My house/yard has always been a sort of humane society.

    As a kid, my mom was rich and had a huge house and humongous back yard behind my grandpa's hospital. She had all sorts of wild birds, mammals and even a boa, aside from her regular domestic pets. These animals were abandoned, not acquired in the black market. They were donated to the local zoo later on, where they got even more special treatment.

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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    I end up accumulating animals. Would have more but we are currently out of room. Over the years have had:
    4 bunnies
    7 ferrets
    5 horses
    1 escape prone pony
    1 pig. He was cool
    2 ducks
    5 dogs
    20 cats- and barn cats that we only see at a distance
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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    I'm jealous of the guys who were able to own ponies

    Oh! I had a squirrel and a chick when I visited Asia as well, I gave them to my cousins after...I think I was about 5 when I had them, but the chick was really cute!

    Turtles are suprisingly fast...

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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    Rightio, in the past ive had
    - 2 guinee pigs - Thumper and Ginger
    - a deformed goldfish named Alfie
    - a lamb named Lambie
    - A dog named Mate
    - a cat called Hobo
    - Tadpoles (i joined a frog club to help bring back the frog population!!)
    - 4 siamese fighting fish - Rocky, Bruce, Fluffy and Killer.
    - A cockatiel named Candy
    - a crayfish (which escaped and died in my parents room hahaha! they found it months later underneath their bed)
    and 3 rats Cinnamon, Bindi and Gidget.

    Talk about diversity!!

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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    Throughout my life I've had a lot of pets (no, I'm not an animal killer, just some of them were pets that didnt have long lifespans)

    -A cat named Tigger (hit by car)
    -A cat named Wookie (poisoned by the evil next door neighbor)
    -A cat named Shadow (my favorite childhood pet and the one I remember most, I chose him from the pound when I was 4 and named him, he died when he was hit by a car)
    -A cat named Ty (ran away)
    -A dog named Zorro (gave away when we moved from a house to an apartment)
    -I've had more than a few parakeets, around 8 or so, the ones I remember are Sammy, Squirt, Petrie, Ernie, Tweety, Lavender and the others I seem to have forgotten their names. There were a few of them that escaped when their cage fell and burst open, so I only had them for a couple of days...I feel pretty bad that I cant remember them though...
    -A mouse named George - died of heat stroke on the drive from wisconsin to oregon (specifically in South Dakota)
    -A mouse named Calvin (died of old age)
    -A dog named Pepe (gave away when we moved from a house to an apartment)
    -A cat named Opie
    -A cat named Fonzie
    -A fish named Poseideon (died of old age)
    -A fish named Proteus (gave to a friend because he was getting too big for my tank)
    -A catfish named Lloyd (killed by Poseidon)
    -A cat named Potsie
    -A hamster named Rizzo (got some sort of sickness that no vet in the area could figure out)

    I've never sat and thought about it, and the big long list makes me think I'm some sort of grim reaper of small I'm really not though, you have to split up all these pets over a span of 17 or so years....

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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    Oh Haggard an evil neighbour poisoned your beloved pet? How maliciously brutal. I am sorry.

    My parents had two dogs while I was growing up. One I donít remember too well as I was just eight years old when he passed away. His name was Bluey, he was a mongrel. He ran away on a camping trip.

    The dog that I remember best was a collie named Shane (Lassie dog) he was wonderfully energetic and intelligent. I was grief-stricken when he passed away. He was 10 years old and died of cancer. He had his leg amputated a few months before he passed but unfortunately, it hadnít rid all of the cancerous cells so the disease spread.

    My Parents still have his ashes on their mantelpiece.

    When I got married my wife bought an infuriating, diminutive Chihuahua that I was never a fan of. She still has it. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Rhino nowadays and I love him as though he is my own flesh and blood.

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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    My parents had a stupid bassett hound called Cleo that ate the compost heap and exploded.
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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    Had a beautiful white German Shepard named Prince. No, he wasn't deaf.
    Also an all white cat that was a stray we named Snowball. Had both of these white animals at the same time. Just worked out that way.

    After the above died, adopted a great cat named Tigger. She died very young unfortunately. And now I have a black cat named Spooky.

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    Default Re: Your Past Pets

    o man..this could take a while

    as far back as i can remember...
    allie and carmel (cats)
    a bunch of fish
    oliver (cat..ran away..never saw him again)
    3 bunnies
    mandy (husky)
    ben #1(german shepherd mix)
    ben #2 (shepherd dog ever)
    there were about 10 years between the mom loved the first one so much she had to name another one the same thing..weird i know
    2 hamsters (one escaped..never found it)
    another cat oreo
    bear (black lab...passed on 9.25.05..from lymes disease)
    emmitt (german shepherd..also passed around last september)
    2 guinea pigs
    o and another dog..brewster..that my parents had put to sleep when i was away at basketball camp (really mean, i know...but he bit everyone that ever got near me)

    we have 4 dogs right now
    sammy (yellow lab)
    howie (black lab)
    jasper (yellow lab...he is my avatar)
    and my new baby...Hemi (3 mth old black lab..with yellow brindle..cutest thing ever!!)
    and if i could ever figure out how to post a friggin picture in my posts i would post a pic of her

    so i guess in my 23 years we've had like 21 pets
    i had no idea we've had so many animals!!!

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