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Thread: Firefighters rescue 250lb bear from cemetery tree

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    Default Firefighters rescue 250lb bear from cemetery tree

    They’re more used to rescuing cats from high branches, so when it came to a 250lb black bear, this group of firemen certainly had their work cut out for them.
    The bizarre rescue took place after the animal climbed 30ft up a tree in Santa Clara Cemetery in Oxnard, California.
    Joined by officers from the state Fish and Game department, fire crews hoisted the bear back to earth after it was knocked out with tranquilisers.

    Up high: The bear peers down through the branches of a 30ft tree

    Any ideas? Firefighters used a ladder truck to reach the animal

    Easy does it: After the bear falls into a tranquilised stupor, crews fitted him with a harness and gently lowered him to the ground

    The bear had been spotted roaming the streets earlier on, and had scampered up the tree where he remained for several hours as a plan was devised to get him down.
    Once the sedatives fired at him had taken effect, the crews worked together to fit the groggy animal with a harness, before using a ladder truck to lower him to the ground.
    He was then examined by a vet before being released into the Los Padres National Forest.

    Back to earth: Wardens were on hand to make sure the bear was not distressed by his experience

    I bearly made it! The groggy animal's eyes are covered as he is tended to

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    The big lug, this is not far from where i live. He looked so pitiful as the crane lifted him down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchywoman View Post
    The big lug, this is not far from where i live. He looked so pitiful as the crane lifted him down.
    I know! I was watching this when I was leaving for work yesterday. I was so sad just watching that poor boy (or girl).

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    I couldn't help but giggle at the last photo! Aw.

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    I know, it looks like someone put a cold washcloth over his eyes--spa treatments for bears!
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