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Thread: Grandma drove with 3 year old on roof... on purpose!

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    Default Grandma drove with 3 year old on roof... on purpose!

    My Way News - Grandma arrested for driving with child on roof

    Well, at least she had the kids leg. If this is Grandma's idea of fun, god help the poor kid when she gets a time out...IN THE TRUNK!

    MARATHON, Fla. (AP) - Authorities say a grandmother was arrested for driving around the parking lot of a Marathon grocery store with her 3-year-old child sitting on the roof of the car.
    Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to the Publix store Tuesday and arrested a 54-year-old woman after she was driving around with her three-year-old granddaughter on the roof of her car.
    The grandmother was released from jail 15 hours later.
    The woman said Thursday she would never let anything hurt her granddaughter. She says she was driving at "snail-speed" and holding the child's leg.
    Authorities say the woman told police she was giving the child some air and letting her have fun. She faces charges of child abuse. The child is back with her mother.
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    That was a bright idea! Oh for fuck's sake it was Florida!?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSDiva View Post
    That was a bright idea! Oh for fuck's sake it was Florida!?!
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    This grandmother is completely fucking retarded. The car's hood wasn't toasty?
    I really hope people stopped this woman and didn't let her keep driving around like that until police arrived.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

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