Evolution rock Neil Young — no dinosaur, he — wowed a Museum of Natural History crowd that included Eva Longoria (below)...

... who also heard Jon Stewart (below) compare seafood and homosexuality.

It was supposed to be a fund-raiser for the American Museum of Natural History. But a new exhibit on Charles Darwin caused the Wednesday evening gala to evolve into something of a rally against President Bush's preferred theory of intelligent design.
"This is a time when those of us who care about science and Darwin have to take a stand," museum patron Tom Brokaw told the black-tied and bejeweled species, including Caroline Kennedy, Princess Firyal of Jordan, Viacom big shot Tom Freston, Michael Eisner, Eva Longoria, Jimmy Buffett, Jonathan Demme, Nora Ephron, Brian Williams, Lorne Michaels and most of the "Saturday Night Live" cast.

Clearly aware that Bush favors teaching creationism alongside evolution in science classes, the museum's patrons erupted in applause.

Brokaw reminded us later that the exhibit, which opens tomorrow, is "about Darwin's life and how he came to these conclusions. We aren't looking to pick a fight."

But, he added, the exhibit "doesn't attempt to argue the theory of evolution — because there is no argument."

"Daily Show" anchor Jon Stewart marveled at the museum's collection of specimens demonstrating Darwin's discoveries.

"It just makes you wonder," deadpanned Stewart. "Why is Jesus trying to trick us?

"I do wish George Bush would start paying attention to issues that are important for the country," Stewart went on. "Gay marriage, for instance. I don't understand why the religious right fears homosexuality. They say it's an abomination. The Bible says that shellfish are also an abomination. … They who oppose sodomy must also oppose scallops."

Stewart introduced Neil Young. Along with singing his hits, the venerable rocker sat down at an antique organ and performed "When God Made Me," his challenge to fundamentalism.

Young agreed that the Darwin show "couldn't come at a better time, with what's going on with the neocons."

He allowed that Bush might truly believe in Genesis and not be pandering to the evangelicals. "I've never met him," he told us. "I've seen some of the things he does, but I'm not sure."

Love, Love...LOVE Jon Stewart...'why is God trying to trick us'.