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Thread: Woman Gets 4 Years For Cutting Off Infant Son's Ear

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    Default Woman Gets 4 Years For Cutting Off Infant Son's Ear

    Woman Gets 4 Years For Cutting Off Infant Son's Ear
    Sep 21 2006 7:52PM
    CLEVELAND -- A woman convicted of cutting off her child's ear learned Thursday how much time she will spend in prison.

    Before the judge sentenced Tonya Edwards, he delivered a no-holds-barred lecture on lessons in life, reported NewsChannel5.

    Edwards' infant son was 10 months old when she cut off his ear with a sharp knife. Judge Daniel Gaul sentenced the woman to four years behind bars.

    Prosecutors said Edwards has nine children with six different men and has never been married. That combined with her conviction appeared to have irritated the judge.

    Gaul told the woman that she would get the maximum sentence of eight years if she didn't tell the truth at her sentencing.

    As Edwards gave her explanation, Gaul reminded her to tell the whole story.

    Gaul then said that society needs to stop blaming schools for troubled kids and blame irresponsible parents. He said that otherwise, Cleveland will continue to be the United States' poorest city.

    "It's about unwed mothers and irresponsible parents who have established us as the poorest city in the nation,(Yes Ohio has the honor of having the poorest major city in the US. ) and Tonya Edwards is the poster child -- more violent and more prolific at having children than most," said Gaul.

    Gaul said school children should spend part of their class time in court, watching how irresponsible parents get into trouble and get sentenced to prison.

    Edwards' son is now 1 year old and lives with his father's family.

    I just don't know what to say. Just another day in the USA.

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    Saturday, June 10, 2006
    Gabriel Baird
    Plain Dealer Reporter
    A 35-year-old woman accused of throwing hot oil on her baby boy and hacking off part of his ear will most likely never have custody of her son again, a county official said.

    Tonya M. Edwards of Cleveland was in City Jail Friday on suspicion of endangering children, domestic violence and felonious assault. She denied cutting her 10-month-old son's ear.

    "I bit [his] ear by accident," she said, according to a police report.

    Doctors told police the wound was clearly made by a sharp object, not by teeth.

    The boy, Micah Belcher Jr., was in good condition at MetroHealth Medical Center.

    The Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services has taken temporary custody of Micah. James McCafferty, department executive director, said the chances of Edwards regaining custody of the baby are "very slim."

    She has convictions for soliciting, abusing drugs and endangering children. The department took permanent custody of seven children she abused and neglected several years ago. Officials had no idea Edwards had given birth again.

    After they took away her seven children and closed her case in 2003, they stopped tracking her.

    Officials couldn't tell hospitals to notify them if Edwards gave birth to another child. That probably would violate privacy laws, McCafferty said.

    A man answered the phone Friday at Edwards' residence in the northeast part of the city. He declined to identify himself but said he is her landlord. He said he had known her since she was 14 and took her in years ago.

    The man said Micah is healthy and took his first 10 steps hours before Thursday's violence. He described Edwards as a good mother and grandmother. Edwards' oldest daughter, who he said is 19, gave birth to a boy two weeks ago.

    Micah Belcher Sr., 45, the injured baby's father, told police that Thursday's trouble started after he refused to give Edwards money. She threw hot oil on him as well as the baby before taking the 10-month-old into the kitchen, where the baby's ear was injured, Belcher told police.

    Edwards told police that the baby's father punched her and that the child was hurt accidentally.

    Plain Dealer researcher Jo Ellen Corrigan contributed to this story

    I remembered this story from the news. Found another article that had a few more details about the mother's background. It really is disturbing. Can not imagine losing custody of one child let alone 7.
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    They should have sterilized her stupid ass before they stopped tracking her.

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    I agree. Some people would love to be able to have even one child to nurture and care for and this disease-spreading junkie whorebag is popping them out like pez candy. If she really has that many kids it's probably nothing short of a miracle that she didn't end up in court for something like this or neglect before. Maybe they don't all live with her.
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    She sounds like a sick fuck. I hope she never gets to see that kid again.

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    It takes two to tango.
    Also bet you that our taxes have been supporting her and all these kids, with the Birth Certificates stating father UNK for welfare purposes...
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