This is a little bit old but it is hilarious.

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---The fur was flying in Somerset, England, on Thursday after a guard dog
went on a rampage at a teddy bear collection, badly damaging Elvis
Presley's bear Mabel, which had just gone on display.

Authorities struggled to explain what triggered Barney the guard dog's
attack at the popular display at the Wookey Hole Caves Park in Wells,
England, about 175 kilometres southwest of London.

"It's a terrible disaster," Daniel Medley, the park's general manager,
told CBC News.

There must have been some kind of scent, Medley said, "that made the dog
go berserk."

Barney first tore into Mabel, a bear that was recently purchased at an
auction in Memphis, Tenn., for ,000 Cdn. Mabel had once been owned by a
young Elvis and was made in 1909 by the German manufacturer Steiff.

The bear's owner, Sir Benjamin Slade, had put it on display at the
collection "just a few days ago," Medley said.

When the mauling was over, Mabel's chest had a gaping hole and its head
had nearly been torn off.

But the trouble was far from over with the six-year-old Doberman

"Once Mabel had been prised out of his jaws he then went on a rampage,"
Medley said. When it was over, about 100 bears in all had been damaged.

"He was pulling arms off, heads off," Medley said and there was fluffy
stuffing everywhere.

The bear display at Wookey Hole Caves had been deemed so valuable that
the park's insurance company had required guard dogs be on duty.

Sir Benjamin, who sent someone to collect Mabel's remains from the park,
is reportedly very upset.

"He's not speaking to anyone," Medley said. "We just want to
apologize to him."

As for Barney, Medley said he's been stripped of his guard dog duties and
will be retired to a farm "where he can chase chickens."

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