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Thread: John Wayne Gacy Victim Found Alive

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    Default John Wayne Gacy Victim Found Alive

    A man believed to be killed by serial killer JOHN WAYNE GACY has been found living – in Montana!

    This makes him the fifth supposed Gacy vic found alive in the past two years.

    Law enforcement investigators located Richard Hutton after his sister Edyth Hutton contacted the Cook County Sherriff’s office after she learned of a new to ID- eight unnamed victims.
    She offered her brother’s name as one of the presumed dead.

    He was last heard from over 40 years ago in 1972 when he told his family that he was hitchhiking from New York to California.

    Hutton, now 62, told ABC that he spent several years traveling the southwest with no permanent address.
    Because Hutton, then 21, passed through Chicago and matched the profile of Gacy’s victims, Hutton’s family presumed he was slain by the clown-dressing psychopath.

    Hutton also worked in construction and Gacy, a building contractor often lured his victims by hiring them for day work.
    Gacy was convicted of strangling 33 young men and boys between 1972 and 1978.

    Most of the bodies were found in a crawl space under his home; four others were found unceremoniously in a river.

    The notorious serial killer was executed in 1994.

    Hutton has since reunited with his father and plans to visit his sister.

    Since the Gacy investigation was reopened only one of the eight unsolved murder victims has actually been ID-ed.
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    Damn, that must have been a bit of a surprise for his family, to say the least! 40 years without letting them know you're ok?

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