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Thread: Miss Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery is centre of Hungary pageant

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    Default Miss Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery is centre of Hungary pageant

    Breast implants, facelifts and liposuction have taken the place of swimsuits and talent competitions as criterion on which contestants will be judged in a beauty pageant in Hungary.

    Miss plastic Hungary is the first ever contest where plastic surgery treated women can participate only Photo: EuroPics

    Women competing in the "Miss Plastic Surgery" pageant, which celebrates beauty achieved through cosmetic surgery, must submit their medical records along with their vital statistics.
    The contest is open to women between 18 and 30 years old who have undergone at least one cosmetic procedure that involved general or local anaesthesia.
    The contest was started to boost the plastic surgery industry in Hungary, where cosmetic procedures still carry a stigma of artificiality. Pageant officials said the beauty of the contestants would demonstrate how the industry had advanced in recent years.
    A team of judges drawn from the country's best plastic surgeons will judge the peageant, the final of which is on October 9. The winner will receive a new flat, the runner up a new car, and the bronze prize recipient will win a trip for two to Kenya.
    In 2004, Chinese women competed in a Miss Artificial Beauty pageant.

    Miss Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery is centre of Hungary pageant - Telegraph

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    She's kinda manly
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    The only difference with this pageant is that it explicitly states the women must have had cosmetic surgery. It's obvious many women go that route in the top tier beauty pageants like miss universe (Venezuela practically has a beauty 'farm' where women are picked and groomed and enhanced in any way to be a top competitor, almost like a sport).

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